P18027: Neonatal Medical Transport

Final Prototyping

Final Prototyping

The final prototype was the completed build out of the full sized model. However due to the scale of the project additional time for refinement after the initial build out was not allowed for.

After usability testing in a prior phase, it is believed that the design will function. However some systems were not copied identically in the model as the optimal materials and resources for the real build in a LandCruiser were not available.

A small scale electrical test was done by Gage Ellis to prove that the currents could be generated to power the required systems. Additionally, lighting using LED and a small battery was used in the final prototype to show that the lighting locations chosen were functional and could be powered easily.

Prototype Build (note: picture does not show final build out but progress as of the Industrial Design Capstone show):

public/Final Documents/buildout.jpg