P18027: Neonatal Medical Transport

Pugh Concept Selection

Vehicle Selection

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Pugh Analysis/Vehicle.JPG

The Toyota Land Cruiser was chosen as the vehicle of choice because of its availability in Honduras, and it is the preferred layout of our customer (driver can easily talk to passengers in back of vehicle).

Incubator Selection

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Pugh Analysis/Incubator.JPG

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Pugh Analysis/Incubator layout.JPG

The International Biomedical AirBorne Voyager Transport Incubator was chosen after benchmarking and Pugh analysis. This is due to the size constraints of the Toyota Land Cruiser, and the size of the incubator. To comfortably fit two incubators and equipment and passengers the incubator needs to be as compact as possible. The AirBorne Voyager is small, and works withing the necessary power duration and supply requirements. Since only two incubators are going to be supplied in the emergency vehicle, more space will be available from the Top View layout allowing for more storage, and passengers.

CPAP/Ventilator Selection

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Pugh Analysis/CPAP_vent.JPG

The F&P Neopuff Infant T-Piece Resuscitator with a modification was chosen for its lightweight, small size, and it's current use without the modification in Honduras.