P18027: Neonatal Medical Transport

Test Results

Full Scale Model

The fully finished build out was not able to be tested and refined do to deadlines and the large scale of the project. Further testing is suggested as a future action.

NeoPuff Modification

Austin Zuercher designed and tested a pneumatic approach to flow control on the NeoPuff T-Piece using a spirometer pod, tubing, and air fed into a room system in the Biomedical Engineering lab at RIT.

Upon testing it was determined that flow delivery most likely required a mechanical approach instead of a pneumatic. This was due to an immediate pressure change in pressure once the flow was released by the chosen valves. It was expected that pressure would build up and then be released and repeated. However what actually occurred was an instantaneous release of pressure once air was introduced into the system. The valve then did not close again as expected until another build up of pressure but remained open.

It is suggested that the modification be made mechanical to replicate a thumb action currently used for ventilation on the T-Piece.

A picture of the test set up created and tested by Austin Zuercher can be seen below.

public/Final Documents/neopufftest.jpg