P18031: Accessible Motorcycle Sidecar


Project Summary Project Information

Numerous people enjoy the freedom of the open road on a motorcycle. However, not everyone has the opportunity to experience that joy due to physical limitations.

Our group’s goal is to design an accessible motorcycle sidecar which allows people confined to wheelchairs to participate. This design solution shall be available at a low cost and with the best user experience possible. Specifically, this project is to modify an existing Ural sidecar for wheelchair accessibility.

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Project Name
Accessible Motorcycle Sidecar
Project Number
Start Term
Fall 2017
End Term
Spring 2018
Faculty Guide
Gary Werth
Primary Customer
Mark Covert
Sponsor (financial support)
Mark Covert

Team Members

Team AMS (Left to Right:Matt Doroz, Erol Arican, Jeremy Davin, Dobhran Black, Hiroki Tanaka)

Team AMS (Left to Right:Matt Doroz, Erol Arican, Jeremy Davin, Dobhran Black, Hiroki Tanaka)

Team Member Major Role Email
Hiroki Tanaka Industrial & Systems Engineering Team Manager hxt3354@g.rit.edu
Matthew Doroz Mechanical Engineering Facilitator md1335@rit.edu
Erol Arican Industrial & Systems Engineering Human Factors/Web Design eia1165@rit.edu
Jeremy Davin Mechanical Engineering Fabrication jad6983@rit.edu
Dobhran Black Mechanical Engineering Design/Manufacturing Lead dxb1496@rit.edu

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