P18037: Team BASE (Biometric + Atmospheric Sensing Earphones)


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Headphones are a constant in any consumer's life. What if it could do more than play music and monitor their surroundings?

Bose Corporation is largely known for being a leader in entertainment consumer electronics; however, the company has recently begun exploration into the area of biometric sensing. As such, the underlying objective of this project is to further investigate the potential for Bose to expand their current headphones platform to include various sensors and create an array of customer experiences.

Specifically, the project team would work to integrate both environmental sensors, such as temperature, humidity and sunlight intensity, and biometric sensors, such as hydration and UV absorption, into a pair of Bose headphones. By combining these sensors into a single product, a user would be able to determine the effects of their external environment on their internal physiology.

At minimum, by the end of the 2018 Spring semester the project team will have successfully integrated wearable, accurate sensors into a pair of headphones. However, if time permits, an app will also be developed in order to create a more immersive customer experience. Finally, it should be noted that the project team will solely be responsible for sensor integration into headphones. Audio integration will not be necessary, but should be considered when determining power draw, size of sensors/processors, etc.

 Sponsored by Bose

Sponsored by Bose

Project Name
Biosensor Headphones
Team Name
Biometric and Atmospheric Sensing Earphones
Project Number
Project Family
Biomedical Systems
Start Term
Fall 2017
End Term
Spring 2018
Faculty Guide
Jerry Adamski, gradamski@gmail.com
Vincent Burolla (past)
Primary Customer
Jack Read, jack_read@bose.com
Bose Corporation

Team Members

Left to Right: Byung Kim, Andrew Zgoda, Terry O'Brien, Alexandre Hernandez Froio, Htet Kyaw, Tegan Ayers

Left to Right: Byung Kim, Andrew Zgoda, Terry O'Brien, Alexandre Hernandez Froio, Htet Kyaw, Tegan Ayers

Member Role Contact
Alexandre Hernandez Froio EE ahf4722@rit.edu
Andrew Zgoda ME ajz5462@rit.edu
Terry O'Brien CE tpo1528@rit.edu
Htet Kyaw EE hak1159@rit.edu
Tegan Ayers BME tma6868@rit.edu
Byung Kim ID bk7844@rit.edu

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Team BASE would like to thank Jack Read, Chris Paetsch, Jerry Adamski, Vincent Burolla, Dr. David Borkholder and Dr. Nicholas Conn for their technical support, thoughtful feedback and generous guidance throughout the MSD journey.