P18037: Team BASE (Biometric + Atmospheric Sensing Earphones)

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision

Throughout the Subsystems Build and Test Phase, Team BASE has successfully produced:

Current State

Rev. 2 Prototype

A revised prototype was designed and 3D-printed out of ABS (see Figure below).

 CAD Model of Prototype (Rev. 2)

CAD Model of Prototype (Rev. 2)

This second prototype has undergone many improvements in the mechanical housing, including:

 CAD Overlay of Rev 1 (blue) and Rev 2 (red) Prototypes

CAD Overlay of Rev 1 (blue) and Rev 2 (red) Prototypes

PPG Location

Due to time limitations, it was decided to place the PPG sensor behind the ear as opposed to within the ear. During MSD I, we performed initial sensor accuracy testing and demonstrated strong signal quality at this location due to good blood perfusion. This is a good example of risk mitigation, as we recognized early-on in the design process that the in-ear PPG may not be possible and, consequently, we explored alternatives locations during initial feasibility testing.

Software Improvements

The main program was updated to increase robustness and efficiency as well as allow for Bluetooth streaming. Specifically, we have transitioned from a superloop architecture (one large while loop) to an event queue architecture (tasks occur as needed).

 Software Event Queue Architecture

Software Event Queue Architecture

Bluetooth Implementation

Throughout this phase, we were able to integrate Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) into our design. Currently, all sensors are able to stream continuously to a generic mobile application. Next steps will include developing a custom app. The BLE Subsystem test plan can be found here.

Test Results Summary

All test plans will be completed and documented by the next design review (Week 10).

Risk Management & Problem Tracking

We did not need to update our Risk Management plan during this phase. Our problem tracking document can be found here.
 Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Design Review Materials

Next Steps

Our 3 Week Plan Document can be found here.

To Be Completed by Week 10

Individual Responsibilities

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