P18043: Tremor Mitigation DAQ

Background and Research


An Essential Tremor (ET, familial tremor) is a common neurological disorder that causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking. The shaking is often found in the hands and can progress to be found in the arms, head, and larynx.

A major effect of Essential Tremors is the loss of acute motor control in the hands. This makes simple everyday tasks like eating, drinking, or writing very difficult.

The following clip shows some of the effects of Essential Tremors.

Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements

Tremor Mitigation

In 2016, a Senior Design Team P17044 created Alpha and Beta prototypes of a tremor mitigation device. To be able to further the work that they did, data about Essential Tremors needs to be collected. Data about the motion of the hand and arm, the EMG data from the proper muscles involved with Essential Tremors, and data about the position of the arm during activities where tremors were present can be used to enhance the design of the tremor mitigation device. The data collected by the DAQ would be used with an Essential Tremors Test Rig created by P18045 to be able to assist future teams in designing a tremor mitigation device.

Client Meetings

Here are some notes from initial meetings with two patients, Patient A and Patient B