P18043: Tremor Mitigation DAQ


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In the US, roughly 7 million individuals suffer from some form of a tremor with over 200,000 suffering from essential tremors. An essential tremor is an involuntary rhythmic muscle movement often affecting the arms and hands of individuals. As a result, patients’ fine motor abilities are impacted causing difficulty in performing daily tasks. Currently, large research potential exists in accurately collecting real data representation of essential tremors. However, devices that reliably collect real time tremor motion and muscle activation data while correlating the two do not readily exist.

The goal of the project is to provide a data collection system that can be worn and used by patients with various levels of essential tremors. The expected system should collect the appropriate real-time motion data and the EMG data from the muscles involved with wrist flexion/extension, wrist pronation/supination, and radial/ulnar deviation. In addition, appropriate filtering and processing will be required to obtain usable outputs from the noisy data. The data collected with this system will be used by other MSD teams working on essential tremor mitigation projects.

For more background information on tremors see What is Essential Tremor

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Project Name
Tremor Mitigation DAQ
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Tremor Mitigation
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Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik
Primary Customer
Dr. Daniel Philips

Team Members

Richard Price, Elizabeth Eichorn, Danielle Polniak, Lucas Fitzgerald, Saidhon Orifov

Richard Price, Elizabeth Eichorn, Danielle Polniak, Lucas Fitzgerald, Saidhon Orifov

Member Role Contact
Danielle Polniak Biomedical Engineer-Facilitator dp7914@rit.edu
Elizabeth Eichorn Biomedical Engineer-Project Manager eme9754@rit.edu
Richard Price Mechanical Engineer-Communications rcp8055@rit.edu
Lucas Fitzgerald Electrical Engineer-Lead Engineer lcf9837@rit.edu
Saidhon Orifov Computer Engineer-Purchasing so5462@g.rit.edu


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Team 180343 would like to thank Ed Hanzlik, Dr. Dan Phillips, John Thomas, the MSD Office, and Keith Mirsky-Ashby for their help with making our project a success.