P18045: Tremor Mitigation Test Arm

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Our vision for this phase was to finalize our design, update the CAD, have all of our test plans written, have all remaining materials and parts sourced, and be ready to begin building our subsystems.

We had to make some changes to the design due to feasibility challenges and due to new information about the design of the tremor mitigation device. Those are reflected in the CAD and in the BOM.

Also during this phase, we started the process of requesting a budget increase because the motors needed for this test arm are very expensive and we need a lot of parts.

The Project Plan and shared visions for Imagine RIT and Phase 2 have been updated.

Test Plan Summary

Here is the link to our working Test Plan document that contains details and procedures for all of our test plans mapped to our Engineering Requirments: Test Plans

Below is an example of one of our Tests and its formatting. In each test tab, there is also a data acquisition section for the recording of test data.

Example of Our Test Plan Format

Example of Our Test Plan Format

Current CAD Model

Below is an image of our current CAD model:
Full Updated CAD Assembly

Full Updated CAD Assembly

Here is a link to our current CAD model files assembled in Solidworks: CAD Files


Here is the link to our most current revision of the BOM

We have proposed a budget increase of $250 to accommodate the more costly mechanical and electrical subsystems. Screenshots of the Subsystem BOMS and the Budget Proposal are below:

BOM - Mechanical Subsystem

BOM - Mechanical Subsystem

BOM - Electrical Subsystem

BOM - Electrical Subsystem

Budget Increase Plan

Budget Increase Plan

Risk and Problem Tracking

Here are the links to the current versions of our Risk Management and Problem Tracking documents.

Here is a screenshot of our Problem Tracking document:

Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Design Review Materials

Here are the links to our design review documents:

Plans for next phase

Three Week Plans:

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