P18046: The Overcomer

Build & Test Prep

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MSD 1 Reflections

Lessons Learned

As a group, we've learned a lot since the beginning of MSD I, including:

Changes for MSD 2

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase we planned to complete the lingering details of our design. Our goal is to be ready to order our parts by the end of this phase. Additionally, we want finish our IRB certification and paperwork and coordinate with schools to make plans to test. Lastly, we want to start thinking about our final deliverables such as Imagine RIT, technical paper and project poster.


Below is the assembly package: Here

The remaining design drawings can be found on our google drive folder CAD Drawings.

During cycle 5 the following aethstics were designed:

Gator Aesthetics


Bill of Material Updates

There have been many changes to the Bill of Materials since the last phase. This includes:

Preview of Bill of Materials

Preview of Bill of Materials


Currently we have parts have our tubing for the frame as well as necessary screws and bolts from McMaster ordered to be delivered to RIT shipping and receiving on Thursday 1/24, with expectations to receive them from the MSD office by at least Tuesday, 1/30.

Image:tubing.png Image:bolts.png Image:screws.png

Next we will focusing on the procurement of the materials necessary to develop the base of the catch and launch subsystem. This includes obtaining scrap PVC from the Industrial Design department and ordering additional PVC and possibly PVC fittings from Home Depot. We plan to get this order submitted by Saturday 1/27 with the hopes of picking it up by Thursday February 2nd.



Below are links to the different assembly plans of our current design for the Overcomer Lower Extremity.
  1. Catch and Launch - Assembly Instructions
  2. User Interface - Assembly Instructions
  3. Frame - Assembly Instructions

Test Plan Summary

Several phases of testing will be completed during MSD II. Subsystem testing will be followed by user testing once the device is full assembled. Subsystem testing and user testing are subdivided into categories described by this test plans document.

Further Testing documentation describing necessary equipment, instrumentation, data acquisition strategies and eventual results and analysis can be found here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Our current risks have been updated in the table shown below. To see the live document, click here. Additionally, we have created a problem tracking document to be used in the future when problems that require our attention occur. To track our problems, click here.
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Problem Tracking Template

Problem Tracking Template

Design Review Materials

A status update review for this phase was planned for Thursday 1/25 at 1pm at which this Build & Test Prep edge page will be covered and discussed.


Project Plans

The team has outlined a high-level plan for all of MSD II, broken down into which subtasks need to be completed during each cycle. This document can be viewed here. Additionally, the next 5 weeks have been outlined with deliverable deadlines and the work in progress for each class day, which can be viewed here. The next cycle will be a very intense one, as we will be juggling subassembly fabrication and testing on a tight schedule with risks that may turn into problems. We will focus on evaluating how efficient we are with our time, and making changes as needed.


The budget our project was given is $500. While this budget was originally funded by RIT MSD, this money is now being funded by our Autodesk, our new sponsor. While we certainly have not accounted for everything we will end up needing, our current material budget is about $475. We are approximating at least $50 for shipping which gives about $75 for additionally or last minute expenses.

Poster Plan

Owner: Gina

File: Poster.pdf



Paper Plan

The following link below is an outline of the proposed paper. It entails a summary of all the procedures, methodologies, and documentation taken into account to develop the Overcomer. Sections include:

Outline Link: Here

Imagine Plan

During Imagine RIT the Overcomer will be assembled and ready for use. The goal is to verify whether individuals sitting on the wheelchair will be able to play a set of games. The games would involve striking a baseball using the upper extremity device developed last semester. In addition, the second type of game that would be played is a simple game of trapping and kicking a soccer ball using the lower extremity device. After the users participate in these sport activities a survey will be given to them to specify the level of eases of using the Overcomer as well as how satisfying the game is. This will help conduct data on how many smiles are gained from the use of the device.

Plans for next phase

Individual plans for work to be completed in the next cycle can be viewed here.

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