P18046: The Overcomer

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

The goal for this phase was to complete all of the final assembly and testing of the full system, complete as much user testing as possible, prepare to show the prototype at Imagine RIT, and pull all of the remaining documentation together to hand over to the customer. Along with this, this phase was used to wrap up all of the necessary documentation about the project, such as the final technical paper and other MSD deliverables. At the completion of the project, we'll be handing everything over to our customer who will move the project forward into the patenting and refinement stages.

Test Results Summary

During this phase we were able to complete all of our previously outlined test plans. The updated test plans document can be found here.


Photos and videos from user testing can be found in the following places for

A snapshot from user testing conducted at Mary Cariola

A snapshot from user testing conducted at Mary Cariola

Final Project Documentation



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