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Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

This phase, the main goals the team set forth were to complete all individual subsystem assembly and testing, and then complete all full system assembly and testing. Additionally, we wanted to use this phase to continue to plan as much user testing during April as possible, as well as continue work on our technical paper.

This phase saw a lot of unexpected setbacks, which have prevented us from meeting some of our goals. An important part of our catch and launch subsystem proved very difficult to implement successfully, and much time was spent on working through that problem with feasibility work and testing different potential solutions. Our frame is fully completed and will be able to attach to our catch and launch device, as well as provide several ways to attach the existing upper extremity devices from last year. Our UI subsystem is about 90% complete and working successfully, and we've recently encountered a few issues with the wiring which the team is working through. Overall, the team has been working extremely hard to problem-solve and get our system to a point of working successfully, and we will continue to do so so that we can perform user testing off campus and at Imagine RIT.

System Build Status

The overall aesthetic for our device is in great shape, and is one we think our users will really enjoy. Here's a snapshot of what the finished product will most likely look like:

Product Aesthetic

Product Aesthetic

Our frame is also in good shape, and has a great attachment mechanism for manual wheelchairs. An attachment for power wheelchairs is currently in the works.

public/Photo Gallery/Frame.JPG

public/Photo Gallery/Frame.JPG


An updated version of our BOM can be found here.

Test Results Summary

At this time, the team has not fully completed any of our official tests, as the majority of our resources have been allocated to problem-solving our setbacks. The live test collection document can be found here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

An updated version of our problem tracker can be seen below, and the live document can be found here.

Problem Tracker

Problem Tracker

A current snapshot of our anticipated risks can be seen below, and the live document can be found here.

Risk Tracker

Risk Tracker

User Testing

We encountered several setbacks with user testing as well. First, a school that we were going through the planning process with realized that they would only have 1 student that fits our target demographic, so we decided our efforts could be better spent elsewhere. We had another great opportunity to test with a school that had a large population of students in mobility aids, but their legal process would have taken longer than the rest of the semester, so it was not possible.

Now, our customer Joe has connected us with a local disability-focused soccer league that plays at the local Miracle Field, which includes a completely rubberized surface that allows children in wheelchairs and walkers to participate on a soccer team. We are working on scheduling testing with them for April 15th, in about a week and a half, so that we can collect user data before Imagine RIT.

The Miracle Field website can be found here: http://rochestermiraclefield.org/.

Plans for next phase

The final phase of the project includes many activities and deadlines which the team will be working diligently to complete. First and foremost, the team will perform internal testing and trouble-shooting in the next week or two, to ensure that the device is fully functional and ready for user testing. User testing will occur in the 3rd week of April, to allow us to collect data and observe how our target market responds to the prototype. After that, the fourth week of April will include project wrap-up activities and final preparations for Imagine RIT, scheduled for April 28th. Here is a list of the following activities and deadlines that remain:

Each member of the team has outlined the tasks that they will take individual responsibility for in the final phase of the project, which can be seen here.

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