P18071: Wireless Concussion Detection


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In nearly all contact sports, the player runs the risk of obtaining a concussion. This risk can seriously impact the player for the rest of their life, with an increase in damage the more times a concussion occurs. Widely popular sports such as football and hockey have been under intense scrutiny for years in regards to retired players mental health due to all of the blows to the head they had endured. While modern day precautions aid in mitigating the risk of a concussion and assessing whether to treat the player, there is no real time safety precaution to assist the players. The wireless concussion detection helmet is meant to solve just that issue. The device will monitor the player during the game and track all of the heavy blows he/she feels during the course of an event. If the blow is hard enough, the player can be immediately removed from the game and begin treatment, with full confidence he should not continue, or face the risk of permanently doing damage to themselves.

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Beginning image of wireless concussion detection technology

Project Name
Wireless Concussion Detection
Project Number
Start Term
Fall 2017-2018
End Term
Spring 2017-2018
Faculty Guide
Professor Louis Beato, ljbeec@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Guardrail Technology, frumusa@guardrailtech.com
Sponsor (financial support)
Tony Frumusa, frumusa@guardrailtech.com

Team Members

Team Dazed and Confused (From Left to Right): Isaac Garland, Brittany Lacy, James Cummings, Maxwell Reitz, Robert Frumusa, Joshua Metzger

Team Dazed and Confused (From Left to Right): Isaac Garland, Brittany Lacy, James Cummings, Maxwell Reitz, Robert Frumusa, Joshua Metzger

Name Role Contact
Robert Frumusa CE rjf8559@rit.edu
Joshua Metzger CE jtm7314@rit.edu
Brittany Lacy ME brl8794@rit.edu
Maxwell Reitz ME mhr1211@rit.edu
James Cummings BME jpc1052@rit.edu
Isaac Garland EE icg2187@rit.edu

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