P18075: Smart Device - Integrated Baby Jumper

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Team Goals

Team Accomplishments

New LED Selection

While researching how we were going to assemble LED boards for the jumper, the team came across some pre-fabricated LED boards. We have decided to implement these LEDs and supporting hardware into the jumper in order to avoid losing time designing and fabricating boards, as well as to increase the functionality.

Schematics document that reflect this update can be found here.

Updated Bill of Material document can be found here.

Microcontroller-Android App Communication

The team worked to become familiar with the microcontroller and establish communication between the Android app and the microcontroller via Bluetooth. The result is a User Interface (pictured below) that allows the user to control two LEDs with buttons on the app.

public/Build and Test Prep/UI_screenshot.PNG

Risk and Problem Tracking

Updates to the Risk Assessment document during this phase are shown below:

public/Build and Test Prep/risk_assesment.PNG

Updated Risk Assessment document can be found here.

No problems are currently being tracked with the problem tracking sheet.

Design Review Materials

Pre-read document with meeting notes and action items can be found here.

Plans for next phase

Plans for Next Phase

public/Build and Test Prep/phase2plans.PNG

Gantt Chart document can be found here.

Individual 3 Week Plans

Week 6 Shared Vision

Document reflecting the team's shared vision for the Week 6 Review can be found here.

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