P18075: Smart Device - Integrated Baby Jumper

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Team Goals for this Phase




Team Accomplishments

Current State of Jumper

The jumper now has all lights and switches/buttons implemented into the jumper. Each of the 5 switches elicits a unique LED pattern when activated. A video showing this functionality can be downloaded here.

The three places the team implemented these new LEDs can be seen in the pictures below:

public/Integrated System Build and Test/frog_lights.PNG public/Integrated System Build and Test/sun_lights.PNG public/Integrated System Build and Test/base_lights.PNG

The app has reached a state where it can connect via Bluetooth Low Energy to the microcontroller and read and write data values. The video below shows the app responding to the accelerometer being tipped. This shows the early stages of the "tip sensor" function that the final app aims to have.

public/Integrated System Build and Test/app_function.gif

Current State of Final Documentation

The team has started making a draft poster to be submitted as a draft on April 5th. A screenshot of the early stages of the poster can be seen below:

public/Integrated System Build and Test/poster_start.PNG

The team has also begun the early stages of making the outline for the technical paper. 75% of the paper must be submitted by April 11th.

Engineering Requirements and Test Plans

Updates to the Requirements and Test Plans

An original goal for the team was for the app to include activity tracking. As the project has progressed, this goal is no longer being prioritized so the engineering requirements and test plans associated with this goal have been removed. These changes are reflected in the team's requirements document.

The requirements and test plan document can be found here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Updates to Risk Assessment

public/Integrated System Build and Test/risk_update.PNG

Risk Assessment document can be found here.

Problem tracking sheet can be found here.

Functional Demo Materials

Pre-read Document

The agenda with meeting notes and action items for this phase's design review/functional demo can be found here.

Plans for next phase

Shared Vision for Final Phase

Document reflecting the team's shared vision for the completion of this project and Imagine RIT can be found here.

Individual 3 week plans

3 week plans for MSD II Phase IV can be found here.

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