P18075: Smart Device - Integrated Baby Jumper

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

Team P18075 decided to not sign the Intellectual Property agreement offered from Fisher-Price (Mattel).

Team Setup

Chris Bridge

Christine Dobie

Joshua Filides

David Martellock

Callum McLaughlin

Eric Neyman

Team Values and Norms


Team members should arrive to meetings and events when they say they will. Members should be early if the situation calls for it (conference calls, meetings with customer, etc.) Documents and deliverables should be submitted/uploaded by the date they are needed/due.


Team members should show respect for team members and anyone involved in the project. Members should let others speak freely and share their opinion without interruption. New ideas and brainstorming should not be put down nor discouraged.


All members should maintain a consistent form of communication throughout the week. Members should regularly check their email and group chats. Communication should be clear and productive and not interrupt others.


Team members must take responsibility for their work and complete it to the best of their abilities. Members should take ownership and see their tasks through to completion.

Peer Reviews Rubric

Value Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Needs Improvement Unsatisfactory
Punctuality Team member is always on time or early for meetings. No unexcused absences. The member plans ahead for excused absences and provides plenty of notice if they will be late or absent at a meeting. Team member is always on time to meetings. No unexcused absences. Provides notice when they will be late or absent but not always well in advance. Team member is on time for most meetings. Provides notice when they will be late or absent but does so very soon before the meeting starts. Absences seem to be for avoidable reasons. Team member is late to meetings or absent altogether. Provides no notice when late. Absences are not excused and avoidable.
Respect Team member is open to ideas and brainstorming. Does not interrupt others when talking. Presents opinions professionally without putting down others’ ideas. Encourages and participates in discussion when making decisions. Team member is open to ideas and brainstorming. Allows others to finish talking but provides opinions in a manner that could be unprofessional or rude. Participates in discussion when making decisions. Team member opposes brainstorming at times. May interrupt others when they disagree or aren’t paying attention. Presents opinions in a rude manner. Opposes discussion when making decision or fails to participate. Team member does not participate in discussion or brainstorming. Presents opinions in a rude manner and puts down others’ ideas.
Communication Team member answers all messages promptly and addresses all inquiries. Member sends out regular updates and overview of points addressed in meetings. Member also communicates clearly in meetings without interrupting others. Team member responds to all messages and and updates team after work has been completed. Member communicates clearly in meetings without interrupting others. Team member responds to most questions but may not address all inquiries. Member communicates in meetings but may not present information clearly or interrupts others. Team member does not answer most messages or questions. Communication in messages and meetings is not clear and interferes with other team members’ productivity.
Accountability Team member always completes all of his/her work on time and thoroughly. Their work is high quality and helps to advance the progress of the project. Team member almost always completes their work on time. When they are unable to complete their work, they usually have a good excuse and let their team members know ahead of time. The quality of their work is acceptable. Team member sometimes completes their work on time. They do not usually have a good excuse, and do not always notify other team members ahead of time. Work is sometimes of acceptable quality. Team member regularly does not follow through with commitments. Team members are not informed that work will not be completed on time. Work that is completed is of low quality, and may need to be redone.

Project Plans & Schedules

Shared Vision for Imagine RIT

Document reflecting the team's shared vision for the completion of this project and Imagine RIT can be found here.

Individual 3 week plans

Risk Assessment

public/Customer Handoff and Final Documentation/risk1.PNG public/Customer Handoff and Final Documentation/risk2.PNG

Risk Assessment document can be found here.

Other Team Resources


Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, will be provided upon completion.

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