P18075: Smart Device - Integrated Baby Jumper

Problem Definition

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

Team Goals

Team Accomplishments

Project Summary

Baby jumpers are used as entertainment for young children, roughly between 4 and 12 months of age, but can also be used to promote dexterity and learning. The main goal of this project is to extend the capabilities of the modern jumper to improve user experience and foster cognitive and physical development. In order to do this, the team worked to improve the jumper in two ways. The first was to make the jumper smart device-compatible in order to provide customization and monitoring capabilities for the parent. The second was to increase the amount of stimuli on the jumper for the baby to interact with in order to promote more cognitive development than current jumper models offer. The end result will be a functional prototype and supporting documentation. The design and prototype will primarily need to be safe for the baby inside the jumper while also being safe for those around the toy. Additionally, the product should be easy to transport, easy to assemble, and fall within the price range of similar products currently on the market.


Stakeholder Position
Tim Trapp Customer
Child Consumer
Parents/Caretakers Consumer
RIT MSD Financial Support
Team Members Product Developers
Ed Hanzlik Team Guide

Use Cases

public/Problem Definition Documents/usecase1.PNG public/Problem Definition Documents/usecase2.PNG public/Problem Definition Documents/usecase3.PNG public/Problem Definition Documents/usecase4.PNG

Use Case document can be found here.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

The project goals and key deliverables include a functional prototype of the jumper that meets or exceeds customer and engineering requirements. Along with the prototype, all supporting documentation will be produced.

Customer Requirements (Needs)

public/Problem Definition Documents/customer_requirements.PNG

public/Problem Definition Documents/EHMessage.PNG

Requirements document can be found here.

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

public/Problem Definition Documents/EngineeringRequirements.PNG

public/Problem Definition Documents/EHMessage2.PNG

Requirements document can be found here.



The team assessed and compared products currently on the market to predict where our design will fall in relation to these existing jumpers.

public/Problem Definition Documents/benchmarking.PNG

Benchmarking document can be found here.

House of Quality

public/Problem Definition Documents/House_of_Quality

HOQ document can be found here.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Plans for next phase


Individual 3 week plans

Preliminary Risks

Updated Risk Assessment document can be found here.

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