P18082: Electrical Bioreactor

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

1. P18082 is completing the following

2. Start and complete Test Plans 6, 7, and 8

3. Draft and redesign Electrical Bioreactor Design

Test Results Summary

P18082 Test Plan List
View Test Plan Purpose Start/Completion Dates Conclusion Comments
[Test Plan 1] Test Plan 1: Electrode and Microcontroller Durability Test and Voltage Test To determine whether the pH of media will change due to electrode material/voltage and if the system applies a measurable voltage across the cell culture O Over the course of 7 days, the media reacted the least negativity with carbon electrodes. The measured voltage was steady. A longer test of 21 would be preferred but time and
[Test Plan 2] Test Plan 2: Accessibility Test To determine whether the electrical bioreactor assembly is usable for holding the culture system O -- --
[Test Plan 3] Test Plan 3: Assembly Test and Control System Ease of Use To determine how long it takes to assemble the reactor from gathering materials to placement in the incubator; To determine intuitiveness from LabVIEW controls and robustness of the LabVIEW/Arduino interface O -- --
[Test Plan 4] Test Plan 4: Sterilization/Cleaning Test To identify the time required to (deep) clean the system and issues resulting due to system material properties and determine if Ethanol sterilization is enough to fully sterilize the system O -- --
[Test Plan 5] Test Plan 5: System Durability Test To ensure that system will be able to withstand rough handling of the system O -- --
[Test Plan 6] Test Plan 6: Biocompatibility System To ensure the electrode material selected is not toxic to the cells O -- --
[Test Plan 7] Test Plan 7: Electrical Requirement Verification Test To determine that the electrical requirements are met O -- --
[Test Plan 8] Test Plan 8: Full-Run Electrical Bioreactor Test To determine whether the cells will live and be viable throughout the duration of the system X -- Delayed due to incorrect voltage readings

Risk and Problem Tracking

P18082 Problem Tracking Phase III

P18082 Problem Tracking Phase III

Functional Demo Materials


P18082 Mechanical Model Redesign

P18082 Mechanical Model Redesign


P18082 Static Voltage LabVIEW Code

P18082 Static Voltage LabVIEW Code

Plans for Next Phase

Phase III: Integrated System Build & Test Presentation Documents

Link to P18082 MSD III Phase III Presentation

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