P18083: Micropipette Tip Box Filler

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

*What did your team plan to do during this phase?

*What did the team not accomplish during this phase?

Test Results Summary

System test results

System test results

Test Results

After our last design phase we made improvements onto the system level design. This state is what was used for the first block of testing seen in the results. The after deflectors block represents the the testing done after the addition of deflectors to the end of the sorter to provide a physical barrier between the lanes. This addition improved the ability of the device to sort pipette tips correctly, but still fell short of the 96% effectiveness goal (1/25 error) set by our costumer.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Problem tracking

Problem tracking

Problem Tracking

Many of our solutions in the problem tracking do not fully solve the problem they are associated with. The solutions were our attempt to fix what was in our power to fix with what time was available to us.

Risk Management

Final Project Documentation

Technical Paper

Imagine RIT Poster

Bill Of Materials

Bill Of Materials

Bill of Materials

*Proposed Adjustments to Current Design for Next Pipetteers

*Proposed New Design for Next Pipetteers

1. The metal rails were not able to provide smoother motion for the tips and thus the required end state for the tips became unreachable.

2. The storage having multiple ramps being closed system technically increased the chances of jamming and it is very hard to clean, maintain, or make adjustments.

3. The lack of driving force except for gravity made the design out of control and increased the chances of failure while testing.

Therefore the following design was proposed by the team to overcome these problems:

Proposed New Design

Proposed New Design

Design Abstract

First Station

Second Station

Third Station

Advantages in New Design

Performance vs Requirements

Performance vs Requirements

Performance vs Requirements

Plans for Wrap-up

Andrew's Individual plan

Abdallah Hassanein Final Individual Plan

Parikshit's Individual Plan

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