P18083: Micropipette Tip Box Filler

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

Teams plan for subsystem build and test

From weeks 2 to 6 the Pipetteers planned for the major build and test of the machine.

Failed 3D Prints of Sorter

What did the team actually accomplish during this phase

Purchase of final components –

• Started acquiring parts for the tip box filler and also reused parts from an old MSD project.

• Team yet to order a bag of pipettes, there is a delay as we are trying to find the best way to procure these parts. There are additional shipping costs on them.

Fabrication and assembly –

• Fabrication of frame and storage box completed with full assembly

• Started on 3-D printing of the sorter and fabrication of the lanes in works

Engineering Testing –

• Testing delayed due to not finishing the build of all components.

Proper maintance of Bill of materials and problem tracing in place. All risks updated and new one created. New problems documents with possible solutions.

Build & Test Status


Build Status: Completed

Storage Current State

Building Steps


Test Status: Partially Completed

1) Test 1:Ensure the box provides continuous flow.


2) Test 2: Approximate the Pipette flow rate


Set Backs:


Build Status: Partially Completed

Sorter Current State

Test Status: Not started

Set Backs:

Failed 3D Prints of Sorter


Build Status: Not started

Top Priority for phase 3 is the rails due to its "red" status. We will be starting machining and assembly on the first day of phase 3.

Test Status: Not started

Set Backs:


Build Status: Completed

Frame Current State

Test Status: Completed

Ed Proof
Design can take a beating and still function
Design can be lifted with moderate effort. Wheels were added to ease transport.

Set Backs:

Bill Of Material

Updated Bill of Material

Updated Bill of Material

Some of the parts that we got are from an old MSD project. we manged to get 80-20 beams for the frame, hardware, and plastic sheets for lanes inside the storage box. this helped us save some of our budget. our biggest cost came from the 8 feet by 4 feet acrylic sheet that is used for the entire cover and also for the storage box.

live document for Bill of Material

Risk and Problem Tracking

Current Risk Management Form

Current Risk Management Form

live Risks Management

Current Problem Tracking Form

Current Problem Tracking Form

Live Problem Tracking Form.

Plans for next phase

Below is what our next phase looks like.
Phase plan for Integrated System Build and test.

Phase plan for Integrated System Build and test.

All Building and testing on parts will be lead by the engingeer responsible for it (Storage: Abdallah, Sorter: Andrew, Rails: Linga). The testing on the assembly will be done as a team.

Individual 3 week plan of the team including what has been done, what needs to be done and what the individual has learnt for each phase.


Andrew Mashayekhi

Parikshit Linga

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