P18102: RIT Launch Initiative Hybrid Rocket
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The goal of this review is to determine whether our design and analysis is complete enough to move on to the build and test phase of our project. At this point in time, we have done a lot of design and analysis work, but due to the short schedule and lack of expertise, there are some areas of the design that are still not complete. In many cases, these areas require empirical data through testing to drive the final design. As such, this is not a true CDR when compared to industry standards, but we hope to accomplish the same goals on evaluating if our design is ready to procede to the next phase of the project.

Along with the design and analysis for the project, we hope to communicate our manufacturing plan for many of the components, as well as an overview of each of the subsystem tests we are planning. Any and all feedback is welcome, prior to, during, or after the review. As a point of contact, please email Tim Frey at tfrey23@gmail.com with any questions.

Files for Review

Review Agenda This review is schedule to start at 11:00AM on Tuesday December 12, 2017 and last, ideally, until 3:00PM. An agenda is posted below, and we encourage reviewers with other commitments to pop in and out for the sections applicable to them.

Review Agenda

Entrance and Success Criteria The following document lays out all of the entrance criteria our team has laid out for the review, as well as the success criteria we wish all reviewers to judge our design on.

Entrance and Success Criteria

Design Requirements

Project Requirements


DDR Presentation