P18102: RIT Launch Initiative Hybrid Rocket
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Subsystem Tests

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Subsystem Testing Summary

This page will be home to all of the subsystem and small scale testing that needs to be completed in preparation for our full-scale static test fire in April 2018. The links below lead to their respective subsystem testing pages.

Prototype Engine

Small-Scale Prototype Engine

Small-Scale Prototype Engine

As seen in the image below, a prototype engine was built to carry out small scale tests and to optimize sub-systems before integrating them onto our full-scale engine. This smaller chamber allows us to test repeatedly and safely at a lower cost then if we were to test them on the full scale engine. For example, the controls team has been incrementally increasing the capability and functionality of their engine controller to control solenoids, trigger ignition, and read and record sensor data. Additionally, we have been working on testing different ignition systems to prime the chamber and ignite the oxidizer-paraffin mixture.

Phenolic Testing

Throughout our design process, we were recommended many times to use phenolic as a chamber insulation, but we could not determine what grade of phenolic or how much (thickness) we needed for proper insulation. A series of non-destructive and destructive tests were carried our to determine these parameters before purchasing supplies.

Injector Tests

The injector testing consists of three main phases. First, we will begin with a water test as a cheap and safe way to visually note the flow distribution through the series of orifices, as well as measure the mass flow rate. The second phase consists of testing with carbon dioxide, which has a similar vapor pressure to nitrous oxide. This will allow us to perform practice runs for what we want to test with nitrous oxide, but with a cheaper and safer fluid. Once we have an established testing process, we can perform the same test with nitrous oxide.

More information on these tests, their procedures, and results can be found at the link at the top of this page.

Nozzle Cold Flow

Controller Testing