P18102: RIT Launch Initiative Hybrid Rocket
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Test Procedures

Initial Test Plans

public/Testing/Test Plans/Images/Test_Plan_Subsystem.png

public/Testing/Test Plans/Images/Test_Plan_System.png

Test Documentation

The Testing Overview document listed below outlines the initial test plans shown above, as well as many additional tests that our team has deemed necessary. The tests in this document are organized by testing timeline intervals including: Proof of Concept, Verification, Optimization, Integration, and System Testing.

Testing Overview

Included in this document are links to testing procedures for certain major tests such as Phenolic Insulation Testing and Hot Fire Testing. A list of these test procedures will be linked below.

Phenolic Insulation Test Procedures

Hot Fire Test Procedures

*Keep in mind that all linked documents shown above are a work in progress and will be updated throughout the length of this project.