P18221: RIT Baja Driveshaft Efficiency Tester

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Coming into Senior Design II, our team was still in the process of finalizing some of the designs and completing the bill of materials. These items were not completed in MSDI because the team was waiting for responses from sponsors, which delayed our ability to lock down our design parameters. Consequently, having finally decided on a design path, this first stage has been spent completing the engineering design, thoroughly filling out our bill of materials, and beginning to formulate test plans and a schedule for manufacturing our project.

Test Plan Summary

Test plans were created for each of the engineering requirements laid out early on in MSDI. A summary image is provided below, and the full test plan document can be found here. Each test plan is a separate tab in this document.

Risk and Problem Tracking

No additional risks have been identified from MSDI, and the Problem Tracking document will be added whenever the first document-able issue arises.

Plans for next phase

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