P18221: RIT Baja Driveshaft Efficiency Tester

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Plans for this phase included having a fully operational test device and gathering useful data for the RIT Baja Team.

The end results were slightly different than the plans. The TECAT sensor became non-functional. This sensor is expensive and we cannot replace it quickly. The Test rig is mechanically operable, save for this sensor.

Test Results Summary

Overall, each system is individually operable. There are minor issues with the system as a whole. The shaft is powered, the linear actuator operates the brake, the load arm calculates an outboard torque. Issues with the TECAT sensor prevented us from testing the entire system.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risks of the project are now negligible, as the deadlines have passed. One of our highest value risks did actually occur, the TECAT sensor became inoperable.

There aren't really any problems to track, other than receiving a repaired sensor from TECAT.

Final Project Documentation

Here is a link to our final paper: Final Paper

Here is a link to our poster: Poster

Final Poster

Final Poster

All CAD is stored under the Common folder on the Baja team's Solidworks PDM server.

All software is stored in the Baja team's GIT repository.

All service documents and datasheets for components are stored in the Baja Team's test systems folder on their file server.

Image of Rig in its final hour

Image of Rig in its final hour

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