P18221: RIT Baja Driveshaft Efficiency Tester

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

Summarize: The team planned to define the challenge posed by this project. The following steps will be used to define the problem before moving on to developing an action plan.

The team has actually accomplished the following:

Project Summary

The RIT Baja team currently lacks a method of determining the capacity of the driveline to efficiently transmit torque to the wheels. The Baja drivetrain engineers require a metric to quantitatively measure the efficiency of several half-shaft designs, specifically CV and U-Joints, so that they can use verifiable test results to make a more informed engineering decision as to which half-shaft design to use.

The goals of this project are to design a test apparatus for the Baja team to use in their shop to measure the applied and transmitted torque through a variety of half-shaft designs, to do so through the entire range of the outboard hub travel, and to convey this information to the user to allow for the power loss comparison of different designs.

Use Cases

The following document defines the expected use case for the driveshaft efficiency tester.

Benchmarking Cases

Document containing products considered for benchmarking design

Parameter Baja Tester MT Series Torsion Tester MTS 813.42B AVL Sensor T12
Torque Capacity 200 ft-lb 417-4170 ft-lb 1475 ft-lb "High Torque Measurement Accuracy"
Speed 700 RPM 18 RPM 3000 RPM 0-6000Hz
Number of Torque Cells 1 1 2 N/A
Power Requirements 110-220V N/A 115V 20A N/A
Process Baja Tester MT Series Torsion Tester MTS 813.42B AVL Sensor T12
Adjustable Cell Torque Yes Linearly Yes N/A
Adjustable Torque Measurement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Efficiency Measurement Yes No Yes N/A

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Customer Requirements (Needs)


Decompose the Problem Statement into functions of elements needed to satisfy the customer.
Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements

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Outputs and Destination

A completed form matching the supplied template to be used as input to define the Engineering Requirements.

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)


Create a contract between the engineer and the customer where indisputable satisfaction of the engineering requirements equates to customer satisfaction
Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

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HOQ Base

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Problem Definition Presentation

Problem Definition Review Powerpoint Presentation

Plans for next phase

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