P18222: RIT Baja Two-Node DAQ

Gate Reviews

Table of Contents

MSD I: Readiness to move to Build & Test

The live MSD I Gate Review Assessment can be found here.

MSD II: Project close-out

Current state of the project

Requirements vs. Performance

Requirements vs. Performance

The live Test Plans document can be found here.

Only the size requirement was not met. This is due to an unrealistic size requirement provided by the customer. In order to meet the size requirement, we would have to design our own microcontroller or use a smaller microcontroller and compromise other requirements.

The final design is hardware robust, can handle tough environments. The software has been developed and mostly works but needs to be fixed.

Yes, our project spent $800 out of the $1000 budget.

We were able to acquire data within 10% of the National Instrument system that the team uses. They were satisfied as we met almost all of their requirements.

Project Schedule

The scope of our project did not change during MSD II.

We were on track for everything schedule wise. Minor issues came up that we did not plan for but did not impact the schedule.

There were no major changes. We accounted for issues occurring in the schedule.

Individual Review


Yes, I completed the boards and assisted with software.

Yes, I used my MSD II plan effectively. I learned how to effectively work with a team and to adapt to new situations.


Yes, I completed the software and assisted with the boards.

Yes, I used my MSD II plan effectively. I learned time management and planning.


Yes, I modified the enclosures and assisted with strain gauge testing.

Yes, I used my MSD II plan effectively. I learned how to deal with a customer.


Yes, I wrote the external conversion program, assisted with strain gauge testing, assisted with software, and managed the project.

Yes, I used my MSD II plan effectively. I learned how to effectively manage a team and how to handle customers.


Yes, all the most important risks.

We didn't anticipate using the external ADC because we did not consider the NI system in our original design. We also did not anticipate ordering wrong parts.

The strain acquisition was as tough as we had anticipated.

We first attempted to solve the problem ourselves by checking the hardware and the software. If we were unable to figure it out on our own, we consulted experts.

Lessons learned, etc.

Communication with the customer is key.

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