P18223: Doc B Racing Telemetry


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The embedded racing telemetry platform is an end to end system for data acquisition in a racing environment. The system will use a host of sensors and an onboard processor to log useful racing metrics during an event. This data is then made available to the user for review on a mobile platform.

Core telemetry takes on the following forms: GPS location, tire surface temperature, accelerometer readings, and timing analysis for lap times. In addition to these core functions a library of additional sensors will be available via auxiliary connectors.

It is the intent of this system to provide racers with a dynamic tuning environment, both for their driving practices and vehicles. By creating a modular and affordable system, a wide variety of vehicles may take advantage of the system, even those lacking an ECU. By conforming to industry standards in data transmission protocols, modernized cars can further extend the domain of information available.

Due to Intellectual Property constraints, the rest of the project details will be private here.

Project Name
Doc B Racing Telemetry System
Project Number
Project Family
Vehicle Systems and Technologies
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Louis Beato
Primary Customer
Dr. Thomas Bork
Sponsor (financial support)
Dr. Thomas Bork
Multidisciplinary Senior Design
Additional Sponsors
Texas Instruments
Bay Area Circuits
TE Connectivity
Alliance Memory
AMPrint Center
IZZE Racing

Team Members

RIT Pushers Steve Lucas, Tom Cenova, Jerry Kotas, Zeke Wright, Andrew Bear, Chris Sweet

RIT Pushers Steve Lucas, Tom Cenova, Jerry Kotas, Zeke Wright, Andrew Bear, Chris Sweet

Member Role Contact
Zeke Wright Facilitator ejw9614@rit.edu
Stephen Lucas Lead Engineer sjl3437@rit.edu
Jerry Kotas EDGE Master gk3952@rit.edu
Christopher Sweet Team Liaison crs4263@rit.edu
Thomas Cenova Team Leader twc9519@rit.edu
Andrew Bear Purchasing arb8434@rit.edu

About Project

Project Goals

Device Operation

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Enclosure Design

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PCB Design

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Application Software

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Moving Forward

Project Documentation
Poster Lightning Talk Technical Paper


We would like to thank Dr. Thomas Bork of Doc B Racing for being the primary customer and sponsor. We would also like to thank our guide Louis Beato.


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