P18227: Soft Robot 2.0

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this first phase of MSD II, the ComQuaT team planned to

We accomplished these goals except

Test Plan Summary

View our complete test plans.

Completed Tests & Results

Risk and Problem Tracking

The Risk Assessment Chart has been updated to now include risks that are relevant to the updates that hav been made. These include a udating a risk for the NinjaFlex Printer, which isa high level risk. Other risks have been added to the medium level risks, including a risk if we do not recieve the IEEE grant and if we are unabl to use the batteries already available. A medium level risk involving material properties has also been updated to say what we ordered were not the material properties we expected.

Snapshot of our updated Risk Assessment Chart

Snapshot of our updated Risk Assessment Chart

Plans for next phase

As a team, by our next review we plan to demonstrate functionality and share test results for each of our subsystems, including

Individual Plans:

Role Individual Plan
Project Manager Conor McKaig
Lead Engineer Zach DiLego
Electrical Engineer Cameron Taylor
Software Engineer Sean Bayley
Hardware Engineer Zach Hayes
Purchasing & Materials Marie McCartan
Comm. & Customer Contact Jamie Mortensen

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