P18229: Robotic Otter

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase


Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Waterproofing Prototyping

Material: Protective Rubberized Cotton Flannel
Total Test Time: 8 minutes
Checking Interval: Every 2 minutes
Depth: 2 feet 8 inches
Waterproofing Test of the Protective Rubberized Cotton Flannel

Waterproofing Test of the Protective Rubberized Cotton Flannel

Results: After 8 minutes of testing, there was no water in the jar. Tested material again after taking one side of cotton off (placing rubber on outside of jar). This also passed this test as no water went into the jar after 8 minutes of testing.

Fabric Area: 21 cm x 21 cm

Original Fabric with Two Sides of Cotton:

Fabric After Removing One Side of Cotton:

Decision: We will use the fabric with only one side of cotton as it is more lightweight and still waterproof.
Next Step: Stitching Waterproofing

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

3D Models - Full Assembly

Overall Assembly - Above

Overall Assembly - Above

Overall Assembly - Below

Overall Assembly - Below

Overall Assembly - Side View

Overall Assembly - Side View

Complete Wiring Diagram

Test Plan Summary

The complete test plans can be found here. The testing priorities are summarized in the design review material section, as an attached PDF. Our main goal for this phase is to verify that the material we purchased will suffice, and that our design will perform as expected.


  1. Ensure test plans are in place
  2. Ensure that all applicable test standards have been cited (e.g., ASTM)
  3. Ensure all ordered materials have been received
  4. Ensure team has space and equipment necessary to begin building and testing

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Assessment

Top 20 Risks

Top 20 Risks

A full list of our working risk assessment can be seen here: Risk Assessment

Parameters to calculate importance

Parameters to calculate importance

Design Review Materials

Please reference this document to see testing plans and the rationale and future iterations behind each.

Plans for next phase

MSD II Goals:

MSD II Goals

MSD II Goals

Individual Goals

Team Member

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