P18229: Robotic Otter


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The purpose of this project is to create a device that can both walk on land and swim through water. The project is based off previous RIT projects, specifically the Robo-ant and Robo-fish. Essentially this project is meant to combine the two projects to create an amphibious robot otter.

Few amphibious robots today tend to have full integration between terrestrial and aquatic locomotion, as is the case with biological organisms capable of amphibious ambulation. Furthermore, these tend to lack agility and flexibility, and can thus not perform complex maneuvers while moving. One robot which does achieve pseudo-biological performance in this way is the “Pleurobot”, a research platform designed to mimic the physiological behavior of a salamander, however this only has planar freedom of motion while swimming.

The goal of this project is to design an amphibious robot which can mimic the movements of otters both in and out of water. The final product should be able to swim at the surface of water, walk on land, and transition between land and water. The expected result is a functional prototype with systems that can ultimately be used in other devices for military, investigation, and research purposes in the future.

Robotter CAD Model

Robotter CAD Model

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Robotic Otter
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Russell Phelps
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Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard

Team Members

From Left to Right: Ethan Marsh, Vaughn Varma, Corry Straathof, Amanda Lundstedt, Tiffany Hsu, Curt Monkhouse

From Left to Right: Ethan Marsh, Vaughn Varma, Corry Straathof, Amanda Lundstedt, Tiffany Hsu, Curt Monkhouse

Member Major Role Contact
Amanda L. Lundstedt Mechanical Engineer Project Manager all6258@rit.edu
Ethan D. Marsh Mechanical Engineer Engineer edm8929@rit.edu
Tzu-Ting (Tiffany) Hsu Mechanical Engineer CAD/Customer POC txh7683@rit.edu
Corry Straathof Mechanical Engineer Engineer cjs8225@rit.edu
Curt Monkhouse Mechanical Engineer Purchasing Engineer cem6724@rit.edu
Vaughn Varma Mechanical Engineer Lead Engineer vxv9344@rit.edu

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