P18262: Battery Health Management System

Planning & Execution

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Team Values and Norms


The RIT Electric Vehicle Team is a student organization whose main goals are to further the acceptance of electric powertrains through performance demonstrations, and to advance the education of its team members through real world engineering experience.

Each member is expected to contribute to this project to the best of their ability to advance their understanding of the material. They are expected to work on the project to best help the Electric Vehicle Team for its competitions.


Every member is expected to show up to every class time, and stay for the entire time, as well as meeting during our out of class meetings. If a student cannot make it, they are expected to let the team know in the group's Slack channel ahead of time.


All members are expected to do the work assigned to them, and to perform with a professional manner.


The group has a slack channel setup for all team communications. members are expected to respond in a timely manner, and to keep the team updated on any changes.

Decision Making

All members of the team have the same goal in mind, a successful project. Since everyone on the team is a member of Electric Vehicle Team, it is expected that everyone has the same drive to have this project succeed. The team wil have strengths and weaknesses on the team, and the team will work to best support the weaknesses, and build on the strengths. Team decisions will be made as a group, with a group agreement before continuing.


All documentation will be uploaded in a timely and organized manner to the site.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts will be discussed as a group or between individuals, with the guide or team lead acting as a moderator.

Project Schedule

Shown here is the newest revision of the Gantt chart for the project.

Phase 1 & 2 Gantt Chart, rev 10/12/17

Phase 1 & 2 Gantt Chart, rev 10/12/17

Phase 3 Gantt Chart, rev 10/12/17

Phase 3 Gantt Chart, rev 10/12/17

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews will be completed at the end of phase. Team members are expected to contribute equally to the peer review and fill out a peer assessment survey. The team lead will provide feedback to the guide about the status of the peer reviews and assessment survey. Each student is expected to be honest and constructive with the assessment.

Project Reviews

The section will contain information as it is created