P18280: Hot Wheelz Test Bench

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

We plan to leave all Intellectual Property in the Public Domain.

Team Setup

Team Roles

PM/finance: Rachel

Chief Engineer: Kendra

Chief Manufacturing Lead: Becky

Facilitator: Cindy

Communication: Alaysia

Team Skills

Kendra: circuit design, PCB design, TIG welding, Basic shop skills, Wiring, soldering, python, C, embedded systems

Rachel: Microsoft Project, intermediate shop skills, project management, basic CAD

Alaysia: expert shop skills, mechanical design, integration, TIG welding, CAD, basic FEA, adaptability, wiring

Cindy: Strong Python skills, Java, C, Soldering, TIG welding, basic shop skills, circuit design, wiring, micro-controller programming

Becky: TIG welding, Expert shop skills, advanced CAD, advanced FEA, basic soldering, wiring

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Team Values and Norms




Clear communication




Being to meetings 2 min early

Being willing to do work, being upfront about your strengths/weaknesses

No surprises, don't be passive aggressive

Respect everyone's ability, keep ego in check, if you disagree with something civilly explain things with proof

Getting tasks done by due dates set by team and MSD

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Project Plans & Schedules

Below is the project schedule for MSD II. A pdf of the entire MSD schedule can be found in Project Schedule.

MSD II Project Schedule Overview

MSD II Project Schedule Overview

Risk Assessment

Risk Management Assessment

Risk Management Assessment

Risk Assessment document here

Risk Assessment Table here

Other Team Resources

Meeting Spaces: Senior Design Floor, Hot Wheelz Team Room

Safety Training: lab safety training, Machine Shop safety training

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

All meeting notes and general action items will be kept on the team Google Drive. For access to these notes please email the Project Manager and request access. Any official documents and important notes will be posted to Edge in its respective section.

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews will be posted here.


Project Reviews

Problem Definition Design Review Presentation

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