P18280: Hot Wheelz Test Bench

Rachel's Work

System Design Efficiency

Time Spent Best Time Efficiency
2000 minutes 800 minutes 40%

Preliminary Detailed Design Efficiency

Time Spent Best Time Efficiency
2200 minutes 850 minutes 38.6%

Tasks included in the efficiency calculation for this phase are the following: project planning, budget development, BOM organization, and purchasing/sourcing components.

Efficiency was slightly worse than the previous phase. This was likely because I had limited experience with budget development so this took me longer than anticipated. Also, project planning and task assignment was a slow process this phase. To improve my efficiency, I can gain a fuller understanding of each subsystem in order to assign tasks quickly and reduce the waste of this task.

Detailed Design Efficiency

Time Spent Best Time Efficiency
1500 minutes 650 minutes 43.3%

My efficiency went up slightly this phase due to the type of tasks I was completing. This phase, I have had more experience creating budgets and BOMs so I was able to edit and update them efficiently. Creating the schedule for MSD II was a little more difficult, but I was still able to complete that without too much trouble. Finally, I did quite a bit of purchasing for the team this phase which was extremely efficient as I have done a lot of purchasing previously for the Hot Wheelz team.