P18280: Hot Wheelz Test Bench

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

During this phase, the team planned to completely finish the mechanical build of the system. This was done in order to accommodate the Hot Wheelz team's timeline and ensure they had adequate time to place their electrical components on the test bench prior to electrical testing.

Additionally, the team planned to mount main electrical components (permanent buttons and lights) and start testing ease of use of the bench with real Hot Wheelz components. Data validation for the GUI was another main goal of this phase and at this point it is approximately 95% completed.

These goals were accomplished; the full mechanical bench is ready for Hot Wheelz use and buttons and lights have been mounted to the bench. There are still a few problems to solve in terms of mounting these components, however, they are being tracked on the problem tracker and the team will put in time next phase to solve these issues.

Updated Assembly Plans

Mechanical Assembly plans have been completed and can be found Here Electrical Assembly plans primarily consist of placing components on shelves as needed. As we find issues or better solutions we will create more updated electrical component assembly plans

Test Results Summary

Here is the updated test plans. Test results for completed tests can also be found in this document by referencing the different tabs.

Risk and Problem Tracking

An updated copy of the team's risk assessment can be found here Risk Management

Current Risk Importance

Current Risk Importance

Projected Risks

Projected Risks

Plans for next phase

Next phase, the team will continue validating engineering requirements through the use of test plans. Shutdown will be fully wired to the test bench, and LED indicators will be assigned a location on the test bench and attached. We will also connect the RPi to the CANbus and test the GUI to ensure that CAN messages are read and interpreted correctly.

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