P18310: Tuned Vibration Absorber Demo System


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A Tuned Vibration Absorber (TVA) is a device used within a system to reduce the severity of vibrations of a specific frequency in order to improve the robustness of the system. LORD is a company that sells TVA’s for industrial use, but is unable to demonstrate the technology at trade shows, as no equipment currently exists for this purpose. Ideally, a system could be created that allows for the direct comparison of the two vibration systems , while at the same time providing data to support the demonstration in a manner conducive to table top displays.

Example of TVA Technology:

Pump system vibrating

Pump system vibrating

No vibration in the pump system - all energy transferred to TVA mass

No vibration in the pump system - all energy transferred to TVA mass

The key goals of this project are:

  • to create a unit that can represent the customer’s TVA technology in a simple and easily-understandable way, through both the direct comparison and digital displays.
  • to develop a product that is able to withstand both shipping & handling, and subjugation to repeated 40 hour work weeks.

The key constraints for the project are:

  • the necessity for the product to be rugged enough to survive multiple trade shows
  • the need for the product to clearly and effectively show the benefits of the customer’s TVA
  • to be easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • be portable and require only a standard outlet connection to operate.
  • be less than 75 lbs
  • cost less than $4,000 to manufacture

The expected end result of this project is to have a working prototype built, along with all associated engineering documents, a bill of materials, and detailed working and troubleshooting instructions by May of 2018.

public/Final%20Documents/Final%20Product.jpg public/Final%20Documents/Final%20Product%202.jpg

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Project Name
Tuned Vibration Absorber Demonstration Display
Project Number
Start Term
2171-Fall 2017
End Term
2175-Spring 2018
Faculty Guide
Gary Werth, gdwddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Keith Ptak
Sponsor (financial support)
Zach Fuhrer

Team Members

P18310 Team Members from left to right: Nathan, Connor, Stephen, Kyle, Shayne, Malik

P18310 Team Members from left to right: Nathan, Connor, Stephen, Kyle, Shayne, Malik

Member Role Contact
Stephen J. Giordano Project Manager (EE) sjg8157@rit.edu
Nathan P. Ehnot Lead Engineer (ME) npe4060@rit.edu
Shayne F. Hollands Facilitator (ME) sfh4001@rit.edu
Connor Jensen Communication (ME) cbj3247@rit.edu
Kyle Kelly EDGE Manager (EE) kmk5857@rit.edu
Malik Wallace Purchasing (CE) mdw4023@rit.edu

Work Breakdown: By Phase


Problem Definition

Systems Design

Preliminary Detailed Design

Detailed Design

Build & Test Prep

Subsystem Build & Test

Integrated System Build & Test

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Work Breakdown: By Topic (W.B.S)

Project Management Design Tools Design Documentation Implementation Validation Presentation & Dissemination





Risk Management

Problem Management

Use Cases


Functional Decomposition

Morphological Chart

Pugh Concept Selection


BOM-All Purchases

System Drawings

Electrical Schematics

Arduino Code

Display Rendering

Quick Start Guide

User Manual

Test Plans

System Model Derivation (Simulation)

Test Results

SME Documents


Technical Paper

Imagine RIT Exhibit