P18317: Precision Optical Transducers Test Bed

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

The plan for this phase was to complete systems integration and begin systems level testing. However, due to technical problems systems integration is still in progress.


Software Updates

Hardware Updates

Systems Integration Updates

Budget Update

Image:Budget Summary.PNG

Risk and Problem Tracking


Software Risks put to bed

Current Software Risks


Hardware Risks put to bed

Current Hardware Risks

Systems Integration

Systems Risks put to bed

Current Systems Risks


Software Documentation

Hardware Documentation

Systems Documentation

Functional Demo Materials

Software: This phase saw the completion of the overall system architecture with input from our customer, as well as the integration of the UI screen with the serial functionality. The E-stop code was also incorporated in to the main code and while a few bugs still exist the main functionality of all the code was finalized.Many high risk items were put to bed during this segment such as writing to the screen while in serial mode and the switching between serial mode and touchscreen mode.

The Serial interface was improved this phase by the addition of special character to help with the automation process shown below.


The system architecture for the serial communication and the touchscreen communication was also developed during this phase and is shown below.


Videos documenting functionality of software

The Serial Attenuation code shows the Serial code printing to the Touchscreen, as well as the current state of the Pass/Fail software

Plans for next phase

The document for the working Gantt Chart: Team Schedule

Software Going forward the plan is to test the software with full functionality with the full hardware set up and iron out the bugs in the Interrupt service routine codes.

Software planning flow chart: Software Planning flow chart

Hardware Prove all wavelengths with Rev1 PCB until Rev2 arrives. Then integrate all components and begin testing against engineering requirements.

Systems Integration Connect remaining harnesses. Attach all components to the fixture.

Technical Paper & Poster Work on the technical paper until completion and create poster.

Physical Subsystem Finish machining. Decide whether or not to electrically ground the box. Paint interior of the box black. Mount all sub-components and test the subsystems within the box.

Individual Plans

Erica Butler's Three Week Plan: Erica's Phase 4 Goals

Nathan Rummage's Three Week Plan: Nathan's Phase 4 Goals

Neville Mogent Jr.'s Three Week Plan: Neville's Phase 4 Goals

Elizabeth Hughes' Three Week Plan: Elizabeth's Phase 4 Goals

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