P18317: Precision Optical Transducers Test Bed

Subsystem Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

Goals Status
Finish the PCB layout Complete
Purchase PCB & the PCB components Complete
Purchase the e-stop & on/off Button Complete
Purchase the connectors, the new touchscreen, and power supply Complete
Purchase the LED lights for the ports Complete
Purchase power, proximity sensor, touchscreen, and laser on LED indicators harnesses Complete
Purchase the optical harness In progress
Create 3D Model V4 Complete
Create mechanical drawings revision 1 Complete
Mill the front panel of the box Complete
Generate E-O response equation: 850 Complete
Create interlock code without functioning flag Complete
Create calibrate and self-test pseudo code Complete

Phase II Additional Accomplishments:

Test Results Summary

The current test results show the progress that was made during this phase. The Electro-to-Optical Response Curves for the 850 and 1550 photodiodes were recorded. The transient response of the laser and photodiode system was analyzed. The IR sensor was tested. The accuracy of the analog read function on the Arduino was tested.

Risk Management

The working Risk Management document can be found here: Risk Management

Functional Demo Materials

Put Mechanical Drawings Rev 1 here

The Mechanical Drawings document can be found here: Revision 1

Design Review Material

Presentation: Phase II Notes

Plans for next phase

The working Gantt Chart document can be found here: Team Schedule
Action Items
Design the interior and back panel of the box
Create mechanical drawings revision 2
Machine the box
Create an indented final BOM
Test and verify PCB with power supply
Create harness drawing for all cables
Create another PCB revision based on testing
Test PCB integration with other subsystems using the harnesses
Complete detailed test plans
Begin testing all subsystems and entire system as it becomes available
Begin a final documentation package draft (schematics, datasheet, test results)
Create power on self test with functioning flag
Test new calculations with breadboards
Complete calibration code
Create interlock code with functioning flags
Create display pages for calculated attenuation
Test calibration code

Individual Plans

Erica Butler's Three Week Plan: Erica's Phase iii Goals

Nathan Rummage's Three Week Plan: Nathan's Phase iii Goals

Neville Mogent Jr.'s Three Week Plan: Neville's Phase iii Goals

Elizabeth Hughes' Three Week Plan: Elizabeth's Phase iii Goals

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