P18318: Automatic Extend-Retract Hydraulic Restraint System for Amusement Rides


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ACM hydraulic cylinder Our hydraulic cylinder

Throughout the amusement industry, there is a constant need and desire to increase throughput on rides and attractions. Currently, most rides require manual operation of restraints either by amusement park patrons and/or ride operators. These manual systems can be difficult to actuate and put strain on both patrons and operators. Advanced Concepts in Manufacturing (ACM) would like to reduce the amount of manual work required to dispatch a train and decrease the time required to safely secure patrons. By developing a fully automatic extending and retracting hydraulic restraint system, restraints can be raised and lowered without any physical input from a patron or ride operator. This will relieve strain on patrons and ride operators and increase ride throughput by eliminating the need for each restraint to be positioned individually.

Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point taken by Mike Troise

Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point taken by Mike Troise

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Project Name
Automatic Extend/Retract Hydraulic Restraint System for Amusement Rides
Team Name
Pressure Coasters: "Restrain Your Enthusiasm"
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Faculty Guide :

MSD I: Edward Hanzlik

email: echeee@rit.edu
phone: 585-475-7428
office: ENG/2527

MSD II: Don Pophal

email: dwpddm@rit.edu
phone: 585-475-7428
office: ENG/2527
Primary Customers :

Eric Wellington, ACM, eric.acm@comcast.net

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Multidisciplinary Senior Design
ASTM Grant
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Team Members

From Left to Right: Robb Foote, Robert Cybulksi, Mike Troise, Alison Wright, John Stelmack

From Left to Right: Robb Foote, Robert Cybulksi, Mike Troise, Alison Wright, John Stelmack

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Member Major Role Contact
Mike Troise Mechanical Engineering EDGE and CAD Specialist mjt4432@rit.edu
Robert Cybulski Mechanical Engineering Project Manager rhc7848@rit.edu
John Stelmack Industrial Engineering Facilitator/Statistics Lead jes6627@rit.edu
Alison Wright Mechanical Engineering Fluids Engineer amw1576@rit.edu
Robb Foote Electrical Engineering Electrical Lead raf6831@rit.edu

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