P18318: Automatic Extend-Retract Hydraulic Restraint System for Amusement Rides

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Setup

Based on our given backgrounds and various discussions we have developed the following team roles and responsibilities. These will continue to change as our roles develop throughout MSD I and II.

Robert Cybulski - Project Manager

Mike Troise - EDGE and CAD Specialist

Alison Wright - Fluids Engineer

John Stelmack - Facilitator/Statistics Lead

Robb Foote - Electrical Lead

Team Values and Norms

Team Values

The following is a brief summary of the values that the team has agreed are important in successful team work.
  1. Punctuality - All members should consistently attend scheduled meetings and arrive on time. Any issues should be communicated within a reasonable time frame prior to the meeting. An absent member should confirm that the group has received their message.
  2. Thoroughness - Team members are expected to fully complete assigned action items by the given deadline. Work should be complete such that another team member does not need to re-do any work.
  3. Accuracy - Each team member completes their work accurately and in a way that can be easily checked for accuracy by peers and the faculty guide. All work is fully documented and easy to follow.
  4. Professionalism - Criticism of group member performance should be constructive, and team members should always be looking to improve their performance. Be respectful of other team members and immediately address any issues. Stay up to date on meeting minutes and completed tasks. Always be honest with our customers and with submitting work.
  5. Commitment - Team members should be actively engaged in the project both in and out of class, and making sure they are pulling their own weight.

Team Norms

Value Expectations
  • Attend all team meetings.
  • Arrive with enough time such that you are set up and ready to begin work by the meeting start time.
  • Notify the team as soon as possible if you will be late to a meeting. If an unavoidable situation arises, catch up with the team ASAP to explain absence.
  • Complete all assigned work on time.
  • Complete tasks thoroughly and completely, so that the work does not need to be re-done by another team member.
  • Make progress toward action item deadlines between meetings.
  • Work should be completed accurately ad in a way that can be checked for accuracy by others.
  • Work should be documented and easy to follow.
  • Before work is checked by peers, originator should check facts and numerical accuracy.
  • Work contains minimal errors and those that exist are easily corrected in peer review.
  • Work is expected to be of high quality.
  • Criticism of group member performance should be constructive (Don't be rude!). Be receptive to feedback and look to make improvements.
  • Address issues with team members immediately as they arise, and in a calm manner.
  • Update team members regarding completed tasks (using our action items spreadsheet).
  • Meeting minutes should be documented for every team meeting.
  • If you are overwhelmed with work, need assistance, do not know how to accomplish a task, etc., ask for help!
  • Be honest with our customers.
  • All work submitted should be your own.
  • Contribute an equal amount to the project.
  • Be active at all meetings, and showing engagement and interest in our project.
  • Show a strong work ethic.
  • Stay for the entirety of team meetings.
  • Show up to all classes.
  • Make an effort to show up to "team bonding" activities when planned.
  • As new team values appear, the group is responsible for documenting any issues and updating this chart and the list above. Problems should serve and a learning experience and should be properly documented.

If problems arise within the team, this escalation process will be used:

  1. Address the issue within the team at a group meeting. Avoid having altercations over text, email, or even a phone call.
  2. Bring issue to team guide.
  3. Bring issue to Dr. DeBartolo.
  4. If issue is still unresolved and all prior methods have been fully exhausted, bring issue to department coordinator of team member causing an issue.

Intellectual Property Considerations

Depending on the deliverable we end up with, we may end up being able to apply for a U.S. patent. We would most likely need a utility patent as it would better cover our cylinder concept and design. After discussing with our customers, the I.P. for this project will belong to us, however they would like the rights to use our technology developed at a cheaper rate than any other external companies.

Project Plans & Schedules

For those with access, our live action item document can be found here.

Problem Definition Phase Schedule

Problem Definition Schedule

Systems Design Phase Schedule

Systems Design Schedule

Preliminary Detailed Design Phase Schedule

Preliminary Detailed Design Schedule

Detailed Design Phase Schedule

Detailed Design Schedule 1 Detailed Design Schedule 2

Preliminary MSD II Schedule (From end of MSDI)

MSD prelim schedule

MSD II Schedule

Throughout this phase the schedule has become more detailed. As final design decisions are made, the schedule will become even further detailed to track the progress of specific parts. Such details will include when to order stock material and parts, when to send drawings to the machine shop or ACM, and when the parts will be finished and ready fro assembly. Additionally, individual test plans will be tracked in the schedule. As our schedule has been greatly expanded, we will not be posting full screenshots moving forward. Our latest Microsoft Project schedule may be downloaded here.

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

These are some preliminary risks identified at the start of the project. These will change throughout MSDI and MSDII.

Risk Management Chart

Other Team Resources

Your team may have other resource requirements. With your customer and guide, your team should identify:

Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Week Number Date Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes
Pre-Class 12/7/17 & 12/13/17 N/A Pre-project ACM Conversations
1 1/16/18 N/A January 16 Minutes
1 1/18/18 N/A January 18 Minutes
2 1/23/18 January 23 Agenda Customer Interview
2 1/25/18 January 25 Agenda January 25 Minutes
3 1/29/18 January 29 Agenda January 29 Minutes
3 1/30/18 January 30 Agenda January 30 Minutes
3 1/31/18 January 31 Agenda January 31 Minutes
3 2/1/18 February 1 Agenda February 1 Minutes
4 2/6/18 February 6 Agenda February 6 Minutes
4 2/8/18 February 8 Agenda February 8 Minutes
5 2/11/18 N/A February 11 Minutes
5 2/13/18 February 13 Agenda February 13 Minutes
5 2/15/18 February 15 Agenda February 15 Minutes
6 2/18/18 February 18 Agenda February 18 Minutes
6 2/20/18 February 20 Agenda
6 2/22/18 February 22 Agenda February 22 Minutes
7 2/25/18 February 25 Agenda February 25 Minutes
7 2/27/18 February 27 Agenda February 27 Minutes
7 3/1/18 March 1 Agenda March 1 Minutes
8 3/5/18 March 5 Agenda March 5 Minutes
8 3/6/18 March 6 Agenda
8 3/8/18 March 8 Agenda

March 8 Minutes

9 3/20/18 March 20 Agenda

March 20 Minutes

9 3/22/18 March 22 Agenda

March 22 Minutes

10 3/25/18 March 25 Agenda

March 25 Minutes

10 3/27/18 March 27 Agenda

March 27 Minutes

10 3/29/18 March 29 Agenda

March 29 Minutes

11 4/2/18 April 2 Agenda

April 2 Minutes

11 4/3/18 April 3 Agenda

April 3 Minutes

11 4/5/18 April 5 Agenda

April 5 Minutes

12 4/8/18 April 8 Agenda

April 8 Minutes

12 4/10/18 April 10 Agenda

Preliminary Detailed Design Review Notes

12 4/12/18 April 12 Agenda

April 12 Minutes

13 4/15/18 April 15 Agenda

April 15 Minutes

13 4/17/18 April 17 Agenda

April 17 Minutes

13 4/19/18 April 19 Agenda

April 19 Minutes

14 4/23/18 April 23 Agenda

April 23 Minutes

14 4/26/18 N/A

April 26 Minutes


Week Number Date Meeting Agenda Meeting Notes
Summer 6/19/18 Summer MECE Meeting Agenda Summer MECE Meeting Minutes


Week Number Date Meeting Agenda Meeting Notes
1 8/28/18 August 28 Agenda
1 8/30/18 August 30 Agenda August 30 Minutes
2 9/4/18 September 4 Agenda September 4 Minutes
2 9/6/18 September 6 Agenda September 6 Minutes
3 9/11/18 September 11 Agenda September 11 Minutes
3 9/13/18 September 13 Agenda September 13 Minutes
4 9/18/18 September 18 Agenda September 18 Minutes
4 9/20/18 September 20 Agenda September 20 Minutes
5 9/25/18 September 25 Agenda
5 9/27/18 September 27 Agenda September 27 Minutes
6 10/2/18 October 2 Agenda October 2 Minutes
6 10/4/18 October 4 Agenda October 4 Minutes
8 10/16/18 October 16 Agenda October 16 Minutes
8 10/18/18 October 18 Agenda
9 10/23/18 October 23 Agenda October 23 Minutes
9 10/25/18 October 25 Agenda
10 10/30/18 October 30 Agenda
10 10/31/18 Meeting with Eric
11 11/6/18 November 6 Agenda
13 11/18/18 November 18 Agenda November 18 Minutes
13 11/20/18 November 20 Agenda November 20 Minutes
14 11/27/18 November 27 Agenda November 27 Minutes
14 11/29/18 November 29 Agenda November 29 Minutes


Project Reviews

Because our project review powerpoints contain sensitive info, we have opted to not include them on this page. For those with proper credentials, they can be found here.

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