P18318: Automatic Extend-Retract Hydraulic Restraint System for Amusement Rides

Robb Foote

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Robb Foote is a 5th year Electrical Engineering student at RIT who is graduating in December 2018 with a Bachelor of Science. He also possesses an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Monroe Community College, where he learned that he would like to have both electrical and mechanical skills to head into a research and development role in the future. He has worked his way through school by working at Coopervision and the Fairfield Inn by Marriott. He has also helped donate time to the ‘Society for the Protection and Care of Children’ which was an organization through which he grew up.

Still lives in Webster, NY, where he was always able to attend yearly carnivals around the corner from his childhood home that featured a double Ferris wheel, but was always boldly willing enough to travel to roller coaster parks both near and far. He has always been a thrill seeker, enjoying things like building his own zip-line in his backyard to four wheeling and snowmobiling on frozen lakes, rocky roads, and muddy swamps. During free time away from studies, Robb likes to hang out with friends and family, especially his American Bull dog he recently rescued over Christmas 2017. They are important in his adventures, which have spanned a range of activities, including zip lining over Niagara Falls, hiking, kayaking in multiple bodies of water, fly fishing, bike riding and hopefully skydiving one day. Robb has always been active; at the ripe age of 9 years old he even tried reaching a record for bouncing on a pogo stick, but he stopped at 3000 after a few hours. He makes sure to save some time to show off his culinary skills as well. Favorites to his friends and family members are his Cinnamon buns, Truffles, Crepes, Burgers, and cold-brew coffee.

As an avid fan of multiple sports, like European football, hockey, baseball, cricket, curling, golf, rugby and disc golf, Robb is also a sports buff. During some free time outside, he likes to tone his athletic abilities for organized ‘football’ or soccer, golf, disc golf, and lacrosse. He also likes to fix and troubleshoot a multitude of items for friends and family as well as test out certain at-home projects with microcontrollers; he has a project plan in mind to implement a couple sensors in his recently planted garden to alert when the garden needs to be watered.

He completed co-op blocks at PEKO Precision Products where he installed a hydraulic system to control the lockout and allow the chain link train to run in both directions, reverse-engineered an etching machine, filtered data from multiple sensors, and aggressively tested samples of the final product to determine life cycles, electrically and mechanically. He also prepared presentations for very important incoming contracts and made note of preparation time, equipment needs, and test time. Another co-op was completed at Marquardt Switches where he gained further experience with life cycle tests on electronic switches used in many devices consumers use daily. He also assisted staff in implementing improved scheduling plans and helped institute ways to better notify employees about test resource scheduling. Robb’s favorite ride to date has been Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens in Virginia. It has given him the complete thrills of a roller coaster to date.