P18318: Automatic Extend-Retract Hydraulic Restraint System for Amusement Rides

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase


Follow-Up Interviews

Interview Date Interview Questions Interview Notes
2/9/18 Feb. 9th Park Questions Feb. 9th Park Answers
2/22/18 Electrical Questions for Irvine Ondrey Engineering Brian Ondrey Response

Functional Decomposition

Prior to Ride Dispatch


End of Ride Cycle


Systems Architecture


Research & Benchmarking

Image:/public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Component_Research-1.jpg Image:/public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Component_Research-2.jpg Image:/public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Component_Research-3.jpg Image:/public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Component_Research-4.jpg Image:/public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Component_Research-5.jpg Image:/public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Component_Research-6.jpg Image:/public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Component_Research-7.jpg
Research Page 1 Research Page 2 Research Page 3 Research Page 4 Research Page 5 Research Page 6 Research Page 7

The full pdf can be downloaded for viewing here.

Check Valves


Passenger Detection With Sensors

Image:/public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Passenger_Detection-1.jpg Image:/public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Passenger_Detection-2.jpg Image:/public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Passenger_Detection-3.jpg
Research Page 1 Research Page 2 Research Page 3
The full pdf can be downloaded for viewing here.

Infrared Sensor Options

public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Passenger_Detection_IR_Sensor_Benchmarking.JPG

Ultrasonic Sensor Options

public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Passenger_Detection_Ultrasonic_Sensor_Benchmarking.JPG

Proximity Sensor Options

public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Passenger_Detection_Proximity_Sensor_Benchmarking.JPG

Accelerometer Sensor Options

public/Systems Level Design Documents/P18318_Passenger_Detection_Accelerometer_Sensor_Benchmarking.JPG

Future benchmarking

Concept Development: Morphological Chart


Concept Selection: Pugh Charts



Concept Selection: Designs

We have omitted our potential concept sketches here as our final concept is sensitive information. For those with appropriate permissions, our sketches and more information can be found here.

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

Some information has also been omitted from this section. Those with appropriate permissions can view the fully disclosed page here.

Preliminary Testing Feasibility Analysis

Future Analysis

Future Testing/Prototyping

Risk Assessment

We have hidden our design risks as they disclose information we wish to protect at this time. Those with the proper permissions may find the information here.

Design Review Materials

Because our project review powerpoints contain sensitive info, we have opted to not include them on this page. For those with proper credentials, they can be found here.

Plans for next phase

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