P18319: Lockheed ATLAS

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase (Kyle)

This short phase is used to review team expections and the schedule moving into the building and testing phases. An early start to machining was taken to support the carbon fiber arm assembly. Test plans were updated as needed following the close of MSD I. A team review of the risks was done to ensure all risks were captured, and that the test plans address all needed risks.

Software goals were created laying out the high level structure planned to be taken during software development. Sarah will also be hosting an informal crash course to the software 2/3-2/4 so other team members have a better understanding of software.

A gantt chart is still being used to layout the three week agenda. The chart is used to track progress on current tasks to ensure the schedule is being followed.

Peer review feedback following the close of MSD I was reviewed as a team to address any additional concerns as we move into the faster pace manufacturing part of the project.

Machining Progress (Matt)

Machining Status
public/Photo Gallery/Manufacturing Status.JPG
Machined Jig (100%)
public/Photo Gallery/Jig.jpg

Specific manufacturing status for each individual machined component can also be seen.

The jig will be used during assembly of the carbon fiber arm to ensure the overall dimensions and flatness tolerances are met for the arms.

Software Goals (Sarah)

The software goals for Phase II are as follows:

Tasks related to process flow control (flags/sequencing) and TWIN integration, will occur in Phase III.

Vendor Interaction (Mark)

Items to Order (Mark)

Test Plan Summary (Mike)

public/Detailed Design Documents/TestProcedures/Testing Dates MSD2.png

Risk and Problem Tracking (Mike)

public/Detailed Design Documents/RisksLeftMSD2.png

Plans for next phase (Harvick)

ATLAS Gantt Chatt
public/MSD II/ATLAS Gantt Chart MSD II.png

Peer Review Feedback at MSD I Close

Team Member Peer Review Action Feedback
Harvick Tang Did a great job with task management and team planning during meetings. Arrive early to important meetings to make sure we are ready to start on time.
Sarah Bentzley Made huge contribution in terms of software development, allowing for some preliminary prototyping. Communicate other time commitments outside of MSD, so the team understands your work load.
Matt Craven Great job getting the prototype arm done so quickly, and also helping out with a lot of drawings when on a time constraint. Start to speak more about manufacturing, and educating the team with feedback and potential issues.
Mark Min Great job tracking part purchasing and with the electrical schematics. Learn how to use tortoise to put needed items onto edge.
Mike Kelly Great job creating the test procedures. They are well written and thorough. Keep track of all test equipment.
Kyle McAlinn Communicating with the team regarding issues and design development. Practice presentations more prior to the design reviews.

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