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Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff (Kyle)

The Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation phase is used to demonstrate full system functionality, and comparison of performance specifications relating back to the Customer and Engineering Requirements from MSD I. The teams goal for this phase was complete integration and test into the prototype X-01 model, and full build and test for the production A-01 model.

Previously, the team did need to enforce a "DAY ZERO" for the Force Sensitive Resistor as that aspect of the project was taking too many vital resources the team needed elsewhere. The new way of driving the button press is by distance instead of force. Other aspects of the project, such as the magnetic apparatus head are still functional to prevent screen damage.

Test Results for the X-01 system will be discussed, along with the current status of the A-01 build status. Risks and PTR updates will be presented. The team needed to re-allocate resources and abandon using the FSR.

The overall project documentation will be shown including mechanical drawings and the mechanical assembly of the system, electrical schematics and a final bill of materials. RIT specific deliverables include a technical Paper and poster.

A functional demonstration of the X-01 System will be shown. Also, additional features on the A-01 System will also be shown, such as the telescopic arms or the enclosed electronics mount.

Finally, the team will discuss any open action items remaining to be completed prior to Imagine RIT.

Current Task Status

Mechanical System (Matt)

Task Status
Apparatus II Design and Drawings 100%
Assembly Drawings 100%
A-01 Jig and Insert Machining 100%
A-01 System Assembly 75%

Electrical System (Mark) =

Task Status
Power Supply Wiring 100%
A-01 Wiring and Sodering 100%
Electrical Schematics 100%

Software System (Sarah)

Task Status
Finalized System Architecture 100%
Software Subsystem Test 100%
Software Documentation and Process Sheet 100%

RIT Deliverables (Harvick)

Task Status
Tech Paper 90%
Poster 100%
Lightning Presentation 100%

Test Results Summary (Mike)

public/MSD II/Phase8_Test_Demo_Chart.png

All subsystem and system tests of ATLAS model X-01 were completed. From subsystem testing, the FSR worked as intended. When a new model of the touch apparatus chamber was used, the FSR would no longer read values due to the size of the new chamber. A new method of reading pressure data is recommended.

All detailed results of this prototypal testing can be found in the Prototype testing document

As such, the following document contains all information on requirements completion as of the termination of this MSD project.

Risk Tracking (Mike)

public/MSD II/Phase8_Risk_Table.png public/MSD II/Phase8_Risks_Chart.png public/MSD II/Phase8_Risks_Chart_2.png

All detailed Risk Tracking can be found at this link

Problem Tracking (Mike)

public/MSD II/Phase8 PTR Chart.png

Unclosed PTR will be properly addressed with plan for future implementation of new technique for pressure reading (microswitch checking spring compression.) All PTRs are listed in documentation All detailed Risk Tracking can be found at here.

Delivered Project Documentation

The final project documentation includes the final electrical and mechanical schematics, and the final release of software. RIT deliverables include a technical paper and poster, which will also be delivered to the customer.

Mechanical Drawings (Kyle)

All the mechanical drawings can be found here.

A-01 Assembly Drawing
public/Photo Gallery/A01 Drawing Sheet.JPG
A-01 Apparatus Assembly Drawing
public/Photo Gallery/A01 Apparatus Drawing.JPG

Mechanical Assembly (Matt)

A-01 Arms
public/Photo Gallery/Telescopic Arms.jpeg
A-01 Jig
public/Photo Gallery/A01 jig Drawing.JPG

Electrical Drawings (Mark)

All the electrical drawings can be found here.
Electrical Schematics
public/Photo Gallery/Final Electrical 1.JPG
public/Photo Gallery/Final Electrical 2.JPG
public/Photo Gallery/Final Electrical 4.JPG
public/Photo Gallery/Final Electrical 3.JPG

Final Bill of Materials (Mark)

The final BOM for the A-01 production model can be found here.

Final Bill of Materials
public/Photo Gallery/Final Bom 1.JPG
public/Photo Gallery/final Bom 2.JPG

Final Software Release (Sarah)

Final code for ATLAS can be found at the link here. There are two sections of software:

The python script linked above is configured with MFD sizes and lengths to operate with A-01. The previous revision of the code is set up for the X-01 mockup and can be found here.

The Interface Design Document for communicating with ATLAS over TCP/IP can be found here.

The word document version of the IDD is also available for future editing.

The document above gives all information needed to set up communication between ATLAS and an external system using TCP/IP. The API_test_code.py script can also be referenced to aid in understanding and testing.

Final Budget Report (Mark)

public/MSD II/Phase8Budget.png

Detailed budget information can be found here.

RIT Deliverables

RIT Deliverables include a technical paper and an Imagine RIT poster. Both are available to the customer on this site.

Technical Paper (Mark)

The technical paper is nearly complete can be found here. The paper dives into the teams design designs, as well as high level test results and design features.

Imagine RIT Poster (Harvick)

Portrait Poster
public/Photo Gallery/ATLAS Poster II.jpg
Landscape Poster
public/Photo Gallery/ATLAS Poster.png

X-01 Functional Demonstration

Invertability Demonstration (Mike)

public/Photo Gallery/X01 Zero Degree.gif
public/Photo Gallery/X01 Ninety Degree.gif
public/Photo Gallery/X01 Inverted.gif

While inverted at 180 degrees, in our prototype model, the touch apparatus needed to extend by 30% more than if at 0 degrees orientation or 90 degrees orientation. This is primarily caused by the lacking support on the frame of the NEMA 23 motor.

Capactive Touch (Kyle)

Capacitive Touch
public/Photo Gallery/X01 touch Screen.gif

A-01 Additional Features

Scalability (Matt)

A-01 Arm Length Adjustment
public/Photo Gallery/A01 Telescopic Arms.gif

Enclosed Electronics Mount (Harvick)

A-01 Electronics Mount
public/Photo Gallery/A01 Electronics Mount.jpg
public/Photo Gallery/A01 Electronics Mount 2.jpg

Avalex MFD Mockup for A-01

This will be used for Imagine RIT to show the Avalex MFD the A-01 system will be tested on.

Laser Rastered Avalex MFD Mockup (1:1 Scale)
public/Photo Gallery/Avalex Foam.jpeg

ATLAS MSD II Phase 4 Closeout

The latest ATLAS Integrated Master Schedule can be downloaded here.

ATLAS MSD II Phase 4 Integrated Master Schedule
public/MSD II/ATLAS MSD II Phase IV End.png
ATLAS Master Schedule
public/Problem Definition Documents/MasterSchedule.PNG

Open Action Items

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