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Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase


Test Plan Summary

Test Plan

Test Plan


  1. Ensure test plans are in place
  2. Ensure that all applicable test standards have been cited (e.g., ASTM)
  3. Ensure all ordered materials have been received
  4. Ensure team has space and equipment necessary to begin building and testing

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

Risk Management

Preliminary Testing

Test: Ultrasonic Cleaning

Purpose: Determine the capability of an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the worst-case scenario (dried, stuck-on milk)



  1. Rinse the bottle caps with the milk and leave them uncovered to dry overnight. (NOTE: The humidity on the day of testing rehydrated the milk during transport, so a hair dryer was used to re-dry the milk.)
  1. Photograph the caps before cleaning.
  1. Fill the ultrasonic cleaner according to its instructions, with tap water.
  1. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaner and submerge a cap in the water.
  1. After a minute, remove the cap and document/photograph its state.
  1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for 10 minutes, or until no milk residue is left on the cap.
  1. Repeat steps 2 through 6 with the other cap.


Small specks of milk remained on the caps after cleaning. These were simply removed by rinsing the caps under running water, or with a paper towel.


A rinsing system is needed to adequately clean the parts. Also, updates to this test will be needed for it to be used to verify the final system, such as dying the milk to make it more visible and using actual breast milk instead of whole milk.

Design Review Materials

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