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Intellectual Property Considerations

Is your team considering filing for a provisional or non-provisional patent? Does your project's financial support carry any IP requirements? Are there select elements of your project that your customer has required that you keep confidential?

There is an excellent set of short videos for reference at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmNrnoyQ30KvvBuMJXaPjdFjq-Jm6ghqE

Team Setup

Angelo Vitelli - Project Manager & Communication

Kyla Driver - Purchasing & Budgeting

Christopher Swider - Integration Engineer & EDGE Facilitator

Yohance Basdeo - Lead Electrical Engineer

Jake Kremer - Lead Mechanical Engineer

Meg Froehlich - Facilitator & Notetaker

Rachel Wu - Research & Development Engineer

Team Values and Norms



Value Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Thorough It's like a baby is writing these assignments. Their thought process is so unclear it is like reading some unknown language or watching aliens at work. Many holes missing that detract from important team resources. Any assignments given to this student are done but are always in need of much editing. It is evident that more work should have been done before the task was submitted to the group. Any assignments given to this member are done to a very high quality. Any missing pieces are easy to spot and sort out by team members or the member him/herself. Does a very good job. Any assignments given to this member are always done to submission quality. All T's are crossed and i's dotted. No missing information or loopholes. Truly methodical and complete work is done by this student.
Punctual Team member constantly comes to class at least 15 minutes late. At times doesn't even show up and does not notify the team of valid reason. Clearly detracts from valuable team time. This person is as timely as a raccoon wearing rollerskates trying to finish a marathon (let's just say not very). Occasionally comes in 10-15 minutes late but for a good reason each time. When they don't show up at all, the team is at least notified and the reason is kind of valid. Comes in to class/team meetings on time or within 5-10 minutes (for a very good reason). Never misses a meeting unless something urgent comes up or a very good reason. Does not detract at all from team time. Member is always on time or early. Never misses a meeting or class unless there is an actual emergency or team is notified well in advance (1 week or more). A truely punctual teammate. Is sometimes so good at managing time that it seems he/she is time traveling.
Accountable Never gets their work done and never keeps up with their mistakes made. Other team members actually start to catch this person's unaccountability. Sometimes forgets or doesn't follow through all of his/her project objectives. Almost never asks for help, especially in times of need. Makes other feel bad about doing on-par work. Always does his/her own work. Mistakes made are fixed or at least attempted. Asks for help when help is needed. Gives it when asked. Does not make other members feel bad for not being as accountable as themselves and works to help them. Always takes the initiative to fix his/her own problems. If something goes wrong with another member, they are supportive and try to help them as well. A shining star that other members look up to. Gets his/her work done and then makes sure team individuals are on track as well. Somehow manages to make other members feel good about their mistakes and makes them all be more accountable just by being awesome.
Communicable Can never be reached. Even carrier pigeons can't find this person. Does not respond for days at a time, even in times of dire straits. Usually responds within a day. In crunch time, is always on stanby or able to be contacted. Always reports back within under 1 hour. Never falters in his/her ability to keep in contact. Can be called at post-midnight times, when in the shower or getting brain surgery done.Truly impressive.
Professional/Ethical This team member is a mess. During key meetings, reviews and presentations this student can't stop themselves from being as rude as they possibly can. Lying, cheating, bullying, and taunting are never too far for this person. This person is only slightly below average when it comes to being professional. Only a few helpful tips here and there are needed to maintain averageness. Same thing for ethical behavior; a few mistakes are made here and there but overall makes a good effort. Team member always carries him/herself with utmost standards. Is professional in meetings with people of importance to the project. Never strays from engineering ethics code or team-defined rules. This student is the pinnacle of professionalism. They exude an aire of respect while still acting like a gentleman/women. Professionalism and ethical behavior are blended into a perfect mix with this person's every movement. Not only are these exemplars outstanding but they bend the very fabric of what is professional until this person is the golden standard for all things moral, ethical and professional.
Committed Leaves tasks uncompleted and is lazy when it comes to class, meetings and review preparedness. Completes tasks but not to their full capability. Comes to meetings but is not well prepared. Completes all tasks and is prepared for all meetings/class/reviews. Excited about project and completes all tasks that are asked of them and more. Helps the group be better and ready for classes meetings and reviews.

The updated document can be found here.

Project Plans & Schedules

public/Project Management/Ganntt Chart.png

The updated document can be found here.

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

public/Project Management/Risk Management.png

The updated document can be found here.

Other Team Resources


Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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