P18347: Baby Stroller with HVAC

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Phase 1 Team Vision Phase 1 Accomplishments Phase 2 Team Vision
Electrical Tasks
  • Finalize and purchase items on BoM.
  • Purchased and expanded list of components on the BoM.
  • Tracked down purchasing errors to order parts that had been delayed in purchasing.
  • All components/kits will be inspected, assembled, and evaluated to ensure they are working (i.e. not broken or damaged in shipping).
  • Electrical components that were purchased as kits will be soldered together into complete packages.
    • Relays
    • LCD display shield
  • Each subsystem will be assembled such that it will be ready to be programmed in phase 3.
  • Skeleton code of the main loop for the overall system will be outlined.
Mechanical Tasks
  • Finalize and purchase items on BoM.
  • Purchased and expanded list of components on the BoM.
  • Prototype the nichrome wire within insulation and perform the Heated Seat Functionality test.
  • Using Stroller Pod Air Quality test to prove design of preliminary ventilation system (infiltration focused design). If test fails, begin design of forced air convection system for ventilation.
  • Preliminary mounting locations for components that allow the stroller to fold up using Mounting Feasibility Analysis.
    • Batteries
    • Wires
    • LDPE cover
First Iteration Test Plans (to be completed and documented)
  • Revise test plans to account for changes in design or new information learned.
  • Revised test plans for understanding and use of those not on the team.
  • Heated Seat Functionality
  • Battery Capacity
  • Required Foam Thickness
  • Stroller Pod Air Quality

Test Plan Summary

The team read through the test plans written in the previous phase. The test plans were updated this phase per the team's discussion to increase clarity and reflect the changes in the cold testing environment for the stroller.
Updated Test Plan

Updated Test Plan

Individual Test Plans

Risk and Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking Document

Problem Tracking Document

Bill of Materials

The below document shows the current status of the Bill of Materials. The status of the items are color coded. Green represents items that the team has acquired, yellow stands for items that the team has ordered, but has not yet received, orange stands for the item is known and sourced, but the team is waiting to order, and the red stands for the item not being sourced or decided on yet.

Finance Update

MSD2 Phase I Finance

MSD2 Phase I Finance

Plans for next phase

Phase II Schedule

Phase II Schedule

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