P18347: Baby Stroller with HVAC

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Phase 4 Team Vision Phase 4 Accomplishments
  • Finalize system code
  • Solder components to PCB
  • Completed Battery Charging Method
  • Finalized system code
  • Soldered components to PCB
    • Regulator circuits
    • Temperature sensing circuit
    • Heater control circuit
    • UI circuit
  • Completed battery charging method
  • Mounted all components to stroller (battery, seat, wiring, micro-controller)
  • Finished sewing all components
  • Finish mounting components to stroller
  • Measure final stroller weight and footprint
Test Plans
  • Charge on the stroller
  • Ease of movement
  • "Crash" testing
  • System shutdown and start-up
  • User interface
  • User Study
  • Charge on stroller
  • Ease of movement
  • System shutdown and start-up
  • User Interface
  • User Study

Test Results Summary

The rest of the test plans outlined were completed this phase including:

A test report outlining the results and conclusions from these tests can be found here: P18347 Final Testing Report

The test tracker was updated at the end of this phase to reflect on the tests that were outlined during the Detailed Design Phase and those that were actually completed. Green indicates that tests were completed and red indicates that they were not.

Final Test Tracker

Final Test Tracker

Battery capacity testing was not completed due to a lack of necessary equipment available at our disposal.

Additionally, user testing was performed by Marilyn Keyes and her 3 year-old son to get customer feedback on the stroller functions and design. This encomposed both the Ease of Movement testing as well as "Crash" testing.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking Document

Problem Tracking Document

Final Project Documentation

Financial Update

This document shows the amount of labor hours spent on this project Cost Estimate Update

The following chart shows the final breakdown of the costs spent on building the stroller.

Finalized Cost Breakdown Pie Chart

Finalized Cost Breakdown Pie Chart

Plans for Wrap-up

As a team, in order to complete this project we need to:

Team's Individual Three Week Plans: P18347 Final 3 Week Plans

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