P18351: Sandia Passive Vacuum Detection Team A

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

NAMASTe's plan for this phase was to complete all final design manufacturing and testing. Additionally, we desired to evaluate our final design's performance against the customer/engineering requirements determined at the onset of the design project.

At the end of phase, the team had managed to complete the desired deliverables. Manufacturing of the system was completed and it was vibe tested. All system parameters and results were also compared against the target parameters. While most parameters were determined to be met successfully, there are some areas of improvement that could be made in further revisions of the design to increase system performance and reliability.

Additionally, the team also completed all documentation required for customer delivery and presentation at the Imagine RIT exposition.

Test Results Summary

Results Summary

Results Summary

The above table shows the comparison between the customer requirements and the actual performance of our final system. For the qualitative requirements, verification was performed through inspection on a pass/fail basis. for the quantitative requirements, analysis or tests were performed to determine the actual performance.

Risk and Problem Tracking



Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Final Project Documentation

Final Review Materials

Plans for Wrap-up

To conclude this project the final system must be shipped to and received by Sandia no later than the 31st of May. The current goal is to ship the product by May the 4th.

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