P18352: Sandia Passive Vacuum Detection Team B

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff


Shake testing was to be completed on the prototype before machining the final design. This phase was intended to complete the assembly of the final design, test it, confirm our results and prepare it for shipping. In addition a large amount of paperwork needed to be completed including an assembly guide, a paper, poster for Imagine RIT, and other various documents.

Shake testing at Delphi was a success. The team was able to verify that the switch would not activate too early due to vibrations from the rocket.

The team was able to build a final design that incorporated the changes needed to bring the prototype to a final design. While the final switch showed some improvements over the prototype, it continued to activate too early and therefore could not hit the requirement set by Sandia. The system would activate at 29.5 in Hg where it needed to activate at 29.8 in Hg. This is within 98% of the way to the activation point. The team explored several solutions that could be further developed by the customer.

Test Results Summary

The prototype was tested in a vacuum chamber and on a shake table. Over 36 hours of testing were conducted to find the optimal settings for activation and to ensure that the switch will not activate too early. Laboratory testing has shown that the system can activate up to 98% of the target pressure, however this is still not precise enough for a safety switch application.

The team believes that this magnet-diaphragm concept still could be utilized as a basis for further development by Sandia National Lab. The team began to make refinements to the design in the weeks leading up to customer hand-off, and will prepare a document outlining the steps that Sandia should take to create a device that fully satisfies their requirements.

The test results document outlines all tests and procedures performed.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

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Risk Management

Final Project Documentation

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Use Cases


Functional Decomposition

Morphological Chart

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Bill of Materials

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Test Results

Design Review Documents

Technical Paper


Plans for Wrap-up

To finish the project, the team is wrapping up the final bits of paperwork and preparing the system to be shipped to Sandia.

Steve Maniscalco Plan

Robert Runk Plan

Peter Bruschi Plan

Aaron Neininger Plan

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